Forrester names IBM Watson Discovery a leader in AI search

IBM Watson Discovery is named a 'Leader' in “The Forrester Wave™ Cognitive Search Q2 2019" report.

By | 2 minute read | June 12, 2019

IBM Watson Discovery is named a ‘Leader’ in “The Forrester Wave™ Cognitive Search Q2 2019″ report. Watson Discovery, IBM’s AI search engine that specializes in extracting answers from complex business documents, received the highest scores possible in the information ingestion, intent intelligence, relevancy intelligence and tuning tools criteria; capabilities which we believe offer companies augmented AI to significantly improve the quality of enterprise search results, enabling smarter decision-making.

The Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search is an enterprise buyer’s guide to vendors who have met strict inclusion criteria, such as customer deployments and customer references, with the goal of helping application and delivery pros select the right cognitive search provider for their needs. IBM achieved this by understanding that as good as AI has become, human intelligence is still necessary to help it become smarter.

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Every day another 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and as that data continues to expand, many businesses need a solution that can help both employees and customers find information, make decisions, and complete tasks faster. With a cognitive search solution like Watson Discovery, a business is able to enhance human intelligence using varied AI technologies such as natural language understanding (NLU), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) to deliver the ability to sort through ubiquitous data to find specific information. To put it another way, cognitive search finds that needle in the haystack every time a person initiates a query.

The core Discovery technology easily merges with IBM’s human-assisted training tool, Watson Knowledge Studio, to customize embedded NLU for domain specification. This makes it easy for any industry to use Watson Discovery with Watson Assistant to add a conversational interface to any application as a way to increase personalization and customer satisfaction.

The Forrester report evaluated the twelve most significant organizations with technologies in the cognitive search space. The vendors that were evaluated in this report include, Attivio, Coveo, Elastic, Grazitti Interactive, IHS Markit, Lucidworks, Micro Focus, Mindbreeze, Sinequa, Squirro, as well as AI and Cloud Provider, Microsoft. IBM’s scores in the strategy, solution road map, and ability to execute criteria positions the company into the Leaders space with among the highest scores of all evaluated vendors in these criteria.

The success of IBM’s AI strategy is best demonstrated by their client success stories. Across a variety of industries clients have seen positive results while levering Watson Discovery; Australian energy company, Woodside, has experienced “75% decrease in time employees spend searching for expert knowledge.” Similarly, Gordon Flesch has experienced significant benefits from their implementation of Watson Discovery, they saw “some user satisfaction levels go from around 0 percent to almost 100 percent.”

Want to read the report? Download it here.