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Trailblazers galore: highlights from Dreamforce ’18

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When you create a great product, you want the world to know. And there are few conferences more well-suited for such product launches than Salesforce’s Dreamforce, which celebrates the users, clients, thought leaders and trailblazers that compriseSalesforce’s robust CRM ecosystem.

The event itself is nothing short of spectacular; Salesforce takes over San Francisco’s South of Market district, lining the streets with grass trails and musical pop-ups, and their “Ohana” Trailblazer culture permeates the city. At this year’s conference, we launched Watson Discovery for Salesforce, an AI-powered insight engine for the Salesforce Service Cloud built for your enterprise. It’s designed to give customer support agents the information they need at their fingertips, so they can resolve customer cases quickly and efficiently, right from within Salesforce Service Cloud. This announcement is especially exciting because it’s the first Watson product available on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

The friendship of Watson & Einstein

AI is nothing new; however, one of the biggest topics of conversation at this year’s Dreamforce was how well Einstein and Watson work together. In fact, Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, even tweeted about how Watson and Einstein are “friends.” Together, both enhance your business processes and outcomes; Einstein identifies patterns from within your Salesforce CRM data, and Watson unlocks advanced natural language processing to surface real-time insights from unstructured data both inside and outside of Salesforce – insights about your industry, your business, and your customers. Together, they help predict business outcomes and provide recommendations in context.

Watson Discovery for Salesforce, the latest offering to come out of the IBM and Salesforce partnership, does just that to allow Salesforce Service Cloud agents to more effectively resolve cases for customers, faster than ever before. Additionally, Next Best Action with Watson and Lead Generation with Watson are two other great examples of AI solutions that bring the best of the Salesforce platform and Watson’s industry-leading NLP capabilities together to help agents understand what to do next, and enable sellers to generate their own relevant leads.

Watson Highlights from Dreamforce ‘18

On the conference floor there were a variety of IBM activities to take part in, including a Future of the Call Center activation which demonstrated how the IBM Support team used Watson Discovery to crawl unstructured data spread across 13 different knowledge repositories, allowing their customer service agents to surface relevant insights. One year later, over 12,000 IBM support agents are using Watson Discovery to quickly pull the information they need from a corpus of 18 million documents to resolve customer cases quickly and efficiently. Since Watson Discovery made such a difference to an organization like IBM, it paved the way for the productization of Watson Discovery for Salesforce, the product we are now bringing to all Salesforce Service Cloud users.

At both the product launch session and the Salesforce Service Cloud keynote, Rashida Hodge VP, Watson Embed and Strategic Partnerships spoke with David Clemens, Executive Director Small Business Engineering and Enterprise Data at Deluxe Corporation– one of the largest check printers and small business marketing companies in the US. It was a fantastic opportunity to see Watson and Salesforce come to life through the eyes of one our mutual clients. On stage, David discussed how Deluxe is using Watson Discovery for Salesforce to make their newest agents as competent and as efficient as the more seasoned staff as quickly as possible. Deluxe laid out their vision of improving agent response times, providing more consistency across the call center, and increasing both net promoter scores and client satisfaction.

Seeing the power of Watson & Salesforce together at Dreamforce – and hearing first-hand from our clients – was truly amazing (in addition to the distinct Trailblazer vibe that took over the streets of San Francisco). If you’d like to see for yourself, check out our webcast where you’ll catch a demo of the product and a panel discussion with the IBM Support and Deluxe Corporation clients:

Learn more about our Watson AI solutions for Salesforce:

And, check out how Watson Discovery is helping businesses increase employee productivity.

Check out our webcast panel discussion and demo of Watson Discovery for Salesforce live at Dreamforce

Diamond Team Lead, Watson Discovery

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