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Automated technology: The key to helping drive mammogram adherence

Written by Christina Berg, RN | Oncology & Genomics, Provider, Stories

A health system’s best tool to catch breast cancer is through mammography. However, patient adherence rates remain low. Patient engagement solutions can improve adherence and encourage behavior change. ...read more

Intelligent analytics help enable better oncology performance

Written by Cynthia Burghard and Marie Fearnley, IDC Health Insights | Analytics, Oncology & Genomics

Guest bloggers from analyst firm IDC share their perspective on how technology can help address some of the challenges within oncology today. ...read more

Clinical trial matching: the frustration of matching patients to cancer research begins with data issues — and can end with artificial intelligence

Written by Watson Health | Oncology & Genomics

If you work in oncology or cancer clinical trial coordination in the US, you already know the numbers don’t always work in your or your patients’ favor. ...read more

No predictions needed

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

Experts have predicted that solutions featuring artificial intelligence would help oncology professionals in advancing research, improving clinical outcomes, and optimizing their operational processes ...read more

Transformation takes time, but you can’t wait

Written by Watson Health | Oncology & Genomics, Provider

Oncology professionals need to prepare for field advancements that will transform their work. However, transformation can take time and professionals are facing significant hurdles today. ...read more

Power to the patient: A new era in cancer care

Written by Dr. Roar Johansen | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics, Provider

The EU Commission is responding to citizen demand for greater focus on healthcare, particularly when it comes to cancer care. ...read more

Examining the variation in cancer care

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

As medicine moves forward—making advances in prevention, detection, care delivery and more—cancer marches on, killing nearly 2 million Europeans every year. As one would expect, the reasons are as complex as cancer itself and one of the most significant reasons is variability in care. Here, we explore some of the reasons behind the variation and how AI may be able to help. ...read more

Seven reasons why the time has come for AI technology in cancer care

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

Data is proliferating and EHRs are a key source of data. Fewer doctors are practicing oncology, cancer is spreading, and more care is needed. Clinical research keeps growing. ...read more

Combining real world evidence with artificial intelligence may improve visibility of treatment options for oncologists

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

With an impending shortage of oncologists, an exponentially growing body of literature, and a steady stream of new cancer cases, it’s no surprise that one study found significant cancer health disparities in the US. ...read more

How Watson is helping clinicians and cancer centers to identify more patients for clinical trials

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

IBM Watson® for Clinical Trial Matching uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing technology to help cancer centers identify potential candidates for trials and help clinicians find potential clinical trials for their patients. ...read more

When worlds collide: experiencing healthcare as a consumer

Written by Bobbi Coluni | Oncology & Genomics, Provider, Stories

Bobbi Coluni, offering management for the payer market at IBM Watson Health shares her personal experience with the complexity of navigating healthcare benefits. ...read more

Watson Health: setting the record straight

Written by Dr. John E. Kelly III | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

We at IBM have a lot to be proud of, including our pioneering work with Watson Health. Unfortunately, some media reports, including an August 11th story published by The Wall Street Journal, distort and ignore facts when suggesting IBM has not made “enough” progress on bringing the benefits of AI to healthcare. ...read more