Oncology & Genomics

Each day, oncology leaders and advocates are working to advance cancer care in an era of healthcare transformation. Watson Health is bringing an unprecedented combination of resources and technologies to help overcome the challenges they face.

Combining real world evidence with artificial intelligence may improve visibility of treatment options for oncologists

With an impending shortage of oncologists, an exponentially growing body of literature, and a steady stream of new cancer cases, it’s no surprise that one study found significant cancer health disparities in the US.

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How Watson is helping clinicians and cancer centers to identify more patients for clinical trials

IBM Watson® for Clinical Trial Matching uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing technology to help cancer centers identify potential candidates for trials and help clinicians find potential clinical trials for their patients.

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Helping clinicians advance patient-centric cancer care

Our oncology and genomics solutions help surface relevant data, bridge disparate sources of information, and identify treatments that are personalized to each unique patient.


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Watson Health: Get the Facts

Watson is the only AI technology tackling a wide range of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges including cancer, diabetes, drug discovery and more. In oncology, Watson is at work supporting cancer care in more than 150 hospitals in 11 countries, and a large, growing body of evidence supports the use of Watson in healthcare.

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Clinical Trial Matching: The frustration of matching patients to cancer research begins with data issues — and can end with artificial intelligence

If you work in oncology or cancer clinical trial coordination in the US, you already know the numbers don’t always work in your or your patients’ favor.

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You know the odds when it comes to patient recruitment for clinical trials – we’re trying to improve them

Every year in the United States 1.6 million Americans develop cancer, joining nearly 14 million fellow citizens in the fight against the disease.

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Watson Health: Setting the Record Straight

We at IBM have a lot to be proud of, including our pioneering work with Watson Health. Unfortunately, some media reports, including an August 11th story published by The Wall Street Journal, distort and ignore facts when suggesting IBM has not made “enough” progress on bringing the benefits of AI to healthcare.

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Watson Health is committed to using AI to tackle major healthcare challenges

I would like to provide an update on Watson Health and address a few misperceptions. If you only read certain media reports recently, you would have an incomplete and inaccurate perspective, especially as it relates to our Watson for Oncology product.

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Using Watson to Stay On Top of Cancer Care Data

In 2012, an estimated 14.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer worldwide, and my country, Slovakia, ranks 22nd in terms of overall cancer frequency. As the incidence of cancer continues to grow and time constraints on oncologists intensify, the need for research and treatment innovation is more important than ever. The good news for patients […]

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Momentum Builds for IBM Watson’s Moonshot

The World Health Organization reports the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70 percent over the next two decades even as there is a shortage of cancer doctors around the world.

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How Watson Helped in my Battle Against Lung Cancer – IBM Watson Medical

In his battle against cancer, TJ has been working with the team of oncologists at Jupiter Medical Center since his diagnosis using IBM Watson for Oncology.

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A Trusted Treatment Option from Watson: Why Concordance Studies Matter

Hearing diverse opinions from multiple oncologists is an important part of a patient’s journey, what’s often referred to as getting a second – or third – opinion. And cancer docs, too, frequently consult with one another to confirm a decision or provide a new idea. That’s understandable because cancer is a complex and sometimes elusive […]

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Watson Health Stories: Best Doctors

Learn how Watson Health is increasing confidence in cancer care from Julie Sera, a Clinical Operations Manager at Best Doctors.

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