Vice President and Chief Health Information Officer

Meaningful Interoperability

Written by Anil Jain | Health plan, Life Sciences, Provider

IBM Watson Health has participated in conversations that help policymakers better understand the real-world impact of these standards and regulations. To tackle the “how,” we approach three essential domains to help accelerate the transformation that we see in the health ecosystem. more

What Technologies Are Needed for Success with Price Transparency?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Since the White House released an executive order to help improve price transparency for healthcare consumers, industry leaders have been discussing and preparing for the final rule. This post is the first in a three-part series sharing insights from an executive panel. more

What are Some of the Potentially Unintended Consequences of Price Transparency the Industry Should Avoid?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Leaders from across the healthcare industry share insights about price transparency. more

What Challenges Does the Healthcare Industry Face with Price Transparency?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Providers, health plans and employers are evaluating their plans and preparing to deliver more price information to healthcare consumers and help address the challenges ahead. more

Applauding Interoperability Improvements

Written by Anil Jain | Cloud, Data, Life Sciences

At IBM, we strongly believe that all citizens have a right to improved information flow between the various clinicians they see. more

Using an EHR for Population Health: What’s missing?

Written by Anil Jain | Analytics, Data, Provider

Building the right IT infrastructure is often the first step in developing population health management programs. While EHRs can provide a basic foundation, to truly understand the whole patient and the whole population, organizations must supplement their EHRs with the right IT solutions. more

The 5 V’s of big data

Written by Anil Jain | Analytics

Read on to discover how the characteristics of big data are relevant to healthcare organizations in particular. more