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International effort highlights value of cognitive computing in drug development

The quest for new drugs is an enormously complex and time-consuming process that, more often than not, results in failure. Thousands of compounds must be screened in the initial phase of research and development. Yet less than 12% ultimately survive to become approved medications.

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Myth-busting: tackling misconceptions about cognitive technology in health

New technologies are often met with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Cognitive computing is no exception. While many healthcare companies are seeking to leverage this transformational technology, others are still facing questions and misperceptions about the technologies role in health.

Breaking Down Silos, But Maintaining Boundaries

CMS has set a goal of 90% of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) payments linking to quality/value by 2018. To set themselves up for success, our clients are embracing the triple aim of enhancing the patient experience, improving the health of their populations, and reducing  cost. Increased partnerships – even with former competitors In addition to adjusting […]

Data is the Driver for Population Health

In this 3-minute video, Bruce Wacker, Executive Director of IT at Adventist Health System, shares how he uses Watson Health solutions to integrate clinical, claims and lab data into a central point necessary for further analytics.

Identifying and Managing High Risk Patients for CPC+

In this video, Verda Weston, Director of Population Health at Utica Park Clinic discusses how her organization embraced technology and automation to identify and manage risk for their patient population.

Efficiently generating medical insights – Advanced analytics on longitudinal health records

The increasing pressures faced by life sciences companies and the rise of big data have led to a new approach for the generation of medical evidence in recent years: mining longitudinal electronic medical records (EMRs).

Preparing for Bundled Payments: Care Redesign

This paper explains how Accountable Care Organizations and other healthcare organizations can design their care processes to better support success when caring for patients covered by bundled payments.

IBM Explorys Offerings for Life Sciences

Partnering rich and timely healthcare big data with advanced technology can unlock a wealth of insights, empowering life sciences professionals to make informed decisions with efficiency and confidence. Accessed via a cloud-based, security-rich platform, the IBM Explorys for Life Sciences offering provides functionality and advanced data management through seamless partnering with IBM’s first-class analytics, software […]

Using Actionable Data to Drive Success in CPC+

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recent announcement to overhaul primary care with the new Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) program has created buzz in the healthcare sector. CPC+ aims to provide patients with affordable and higher quality care while providing support, tools and linkages allowing them to take a proactive role in their own health.

Patient Engagement: A foundational strategy based on qualitative interviews with 34 healthcare decision makers

Learn why healthcare organizations should create a comprehensive engagement strategy, the components of such a strategy, including health IT tools, and the steps that organizations can take to build an effective patient engagement program.

MACRA’s Impact on Patient Engagement and How Watson Health can Help

View this webinar replay which outlines MACRA's patient engagement and care coordination requirements, explores what components will affect MIPS and APMs and provides solutions that support patient engagement and care coordination needs.

Building Care Management at Scale

Jill Piazza, VP of Care Integration at Adventist Health System, shares how Watson Health supports the organization to meet current-state needs – increasing the “ease of work” by enabling care managers to track goals, care plans, and assessments in one place – as well as scaling its care management program for the future.

Building a Patient Engagement Infrastructure for CPC+

Jeff Galles, DO discusses how Utica Park Clinic is preparing to take on risk, and how Watson Health supports the patient outreach needed for CPC+.

Predictive Analytics in Value-Based Healthcare: Forecasting Risk, Utilization, and Outcomes

With the use of big data, it’s possible to build models around predicting future events and outcomes, utilization, and overall risk. In this whitepaper, learn more about predictive models in healthcare practice, next generation analytics in cognitive and deep learning, and how to implement predictive models into clinical workflow.