high availability

High-Availability B2B Integration: IBM’s B2B Integration & MFT Portfolio (Part Four)

Things can get really interesting for an IT shop when the business starts to engage with a geographically dispersed network of trading partners. One of the most critical aspects of this type of business growth is the impact to availability requirements. Expanding the reach of a trading partner network means that thinking of “hours of […]

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High-Availability B2B Communications…and Saving Bananas (Part Two)

What do rotting bananas have to do with B2B communications? If you’re shipping fruit, the answer is everything. Not too long ago, I was working with a customs organization and their back-end systems went down, so they couldn’t process messages. Planes were delayed. Employees needed information, but they couldn’t connect. So pallets of bananas sat […]

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High-Availability B2B Integration and Disaster Recovery (Part One)

When people talk about disaster recovery, they often cite major weather events like hurricanes or tidal waves. After all, nothing good would result if your data center were subjected to a fire, flood or an earthquake. But IT disasters aren’t always related to dramatic, newsworthy events. Sometimes failures are a lot more mundane, like servers […]

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