Smarter Commerce Film Festival: Lights, Camera, Action!

Marketing is about making connections and telling stories. Who better to turn to for a great story, than a filmmaker. Movies are the embodiment of captivating storytelling and whether we’re watching a massive IMAX 3D adventure with an audience of cheering fans or sitting at home on the couch with a favorite classic film, we […]

Brian Solis: Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur

[one_third][/one_third] [two_third_last]Bryan Kramer interviews Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, to find out how to survive and thrive in this new era of connected consumerism. Get to know Generation C, and learn why investing in new and emerging channels isn’t nearly enough to improve engagement with them. His newest ebook will help you develop […]

Postcard from Paris: Shaping the Future of Marketing

I’m in Paris for IBM’s CIO-CMO Leadership Exchange, where nearly two hundred CMOs and CIOs from Europe’s leading companies are gathered to discuss the next big shifts in marketing. It’s an exciting time as some of the foremost business leaders, marketers and technologists are gathered in Europe, to attempt to shape the future of marketing. […]

The Rise of Connected Consumerism: Brian Solis Speaks

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis. So what is connected consumerism and why should we, as marketers, care? The simple answer is that connected consumers—those digital natives whose smart phones or tablets are never out of reach and who feel that it’s not […]

Smarter Commerce is Connecting People

IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Orlandounderscored just how much transformation we’re all experiencing, not just in our businesses, but in the ways we communicate with one another, and therefore, in our personal lives as well. At it’s core, Smarter Commerce is about connecting people – buyers, sellers, suppliers, employees, and customers. The inimitable Pam […]

It’s About the Customer

I experienced something of a moment last week at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 Orlando. Well actually, there we many moments (chief among them our working together to break the Guinness World Record for the longest handshake chain). But the moment I want to focus on is the general session presentation given by Bank […]

Smarter Commerce Goes Mobile

If you’re like me, you keep your mobile phone within inches of you at all times. It’s fine if it’s in my purse (even better if it’s in my hand), but if I leave it at home as I’m heading out the door, I’m going to turn my car around for sure. So I’m very […]

Guy Kawasaki’s key points to turn that spark into fire

  During the World Innovation Summit in New York Citythis past Wednesday, Guy Kawasaki was the first to open the event. Considered the father of evangelistic marketing, Guy is a successful entrepreneur with a clear understanding of how the digital landscape is impacting all areas of business. Guy’s presentation, which focused on the art of […]

How to Better Manage Marketing to Optimize People, Processes and Resources

We marketers seem to be doing a very good job of making our professional lives more complicated than they should be. Consider that as a global group, we’re responsible for spending more than 1 trillion USD each year. A huge number to be sure. But most of us are still managing our marketing programs with […]

How to Deliver Personalized Marketing Programs that Feel Like a Service

It’s all in the delivery. This chestnut is as true of Lucille Ball’s screwball comedy, as it is of that FedEx package you’re literally waiting for, or of that email offer that just popped into your inbox. The fact is that the delivery matters. Consumers are receptive to intimacy with their favorite brands. They readily […]

Match the Right Message to the Right Customer

Decisions, decisions. They can make or break marketing success. Yet as customers and channels grow more complex, so does decision making. As choices multiply, marketing becomes more challenging than ever. The days are past when marketers could rely strictly on good judgment and business acumen. Technology for decision and process automation gives marketers a pronounced […]

Free eBook: How to Use Analytics to Build Marketing that Works

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” So said Socrates. It turns out that the ancient Greek philosopher’s maxim is still relevant for today’s marketers. There’s no point in collecting data on customer behavior if you can’t understand what it means and how to act on it. Your customers are offering you a wealth of […]