Elizabeth Magill

Recommended Read: Optimize Customer Experience with Digital Intelligence

Customers today demand a great experience – myself included. I recently switched my coffee allegiance to Starbucks based purely on the fabulousness of their mobile app. Truth be told, I like the competition’s coffee better. But the Starbucks mobile app is the bomb! They know me. They know where I am. They remember what I […]

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The Customer Analytics Evolution: A Path to Cognitive

Twenty years ago I was listening to Salt-N-Pepa and watching Seinfeld. Today I’m all about bluegrass and Game of Thrones. Just as my musical and TV preferences have evolved since those days, customer analytics has made a lot of progress as well. Since 2006, I have watched the evolution from a front row seat. I […]

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Are Your Customer Analytics Driving Customer Engagement and Revenue?

Today’s consumers are interacting with brands in more ways than ever, with online, mobile, in-store and call center channels all in the mix. According to IBM’s “Greater Expectations: Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today” report, 81% of consumers are using social, local and mobile technologies to do some combination of browsing, researching and buying products. […]

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