eCommerce & Merchandising

Optimizing online merchandising by integrating your existing storefront with IBM Watson Commerce Insights

Picture it, an online store that generates good revenue, but has the chance to blow out the competition. What if I told you that you can integrate your existing storefront with Watson Commerce Insights to give your store a boost against the competition? Make online merchandising easier by seeing the key performance metrics that you […]

Supply Chain

No longer in the dark: How blockchain is illuminating the supply chain like never before

In my previous blog, “Deep Impact: How Blockchain is Changing Your B2B Network,” I examined the potential for distributed ledger technologies to elevate B2B networks and provide greater shared visibility across supply chains. As mentioned, by using blockchain within a B2B network, events representing the exchange of documents could be recorded on a shared ledger […]


A New Approach to Customization for Commerce Platforms

IBM is in the process of rolling out an exciting transformation of our eCommerce portfolio. This is the second in a series of posts that will formally introduce these advancements and review the architecture of the services from a technical point of view. In this blog, the author outlines how IBM simplifies and manages our […]

5 Unexpected Ways Mobile App Optimization Is Evolving

Mobile app optimization is changing: Nearly 2 out of every 3 minutes online is spent on mobile devices (VentureBeat) And 90% of that time is spent within apps (Smart Insights) And buyers — whether they’re consumers browsing shoes or B2B decision makers scanning your content while commuting — expect their experience to be fully optimized. […]

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Discovery Is in the Details – Using Analytics to Understand Mobile App Performance

In our mobile world, apps are an indispensable tool for marketers to connect with customers and generate sales leads. The proof is in the numbers: In 2015, Dubai-based mobile developer Go-Globe found that 42% of all mobile sales generated by the top 500 merchants came from mobile apps. Also, that year, comScore reported that more […]

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Deep Impact: How Blockchain is Changing Your B2B Network

Gartner positions blockchain distributed ledger technologies on the “peak” of its Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, which says “blockchain will have a transformational impact on business” and industries.[1]  This impact will extend to B2B networks, but this is a longer-term potential. In the meantime, however, most organizations should not wait and see how blockchain […]

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Driving Down Supply Chain Costs by Using AI to Safeguard Customer Fulfillment Experiences

The top driver for change in supply chains is the need to retain customers yet the least important element of a supply chain is the quality of service, according to a 2016 IDC Manufacturing Insights supply chain survey. Looking at priorities through 2017, reducing costs and eliminating waste was the top priority and customer-centricity was […]

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From Umbrellas to Query Based Volume Determination: My Life as an Inventor

Last night was a big night for me — I’m extremely honored to be inducted into the Women in Technology International (WITI) Hall of Fame where I will join fellow IBMers including Harriet Green and Marie Wieck. While I didn’t know it at the time, I started down this path a long time ago… as […]

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IBM Dynamic Pricing: Make it your own (MIYO)

IBM Dynamic Pricing:   Make it your own (MIYO) MIYO, did you know this stands for Make It Your Own? Recently, I was hosting a birthday party.  I wanted to create customized items for the party.  I had a theme for the event.  I found a website and I uploaded my data and had some rules […]

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Omni-Channel Commerce for CSPs

A friend of mine told me that they had bought a new couch and put the old one in the basement. When the spouse came home, seeing the old couch in a new place and said “we really need to spruce up this basement to go along with that couch.” The project was ultimately handed […]

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How Watson Is Transforming Supply Chain at the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit

According to the recent IBM IBV Global Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) Study, lack of visibility and transparency is the greatest hurdle in achieving a supply chain organization’s objectives. However, big data, analytics, cognitive technology, and blockchain offer potential for significant business value. “Organizations that are able to take advantage of the most important trends […]

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Bots and AI: The Cutting Edge of Customer Care (Part 2)

This is part 2 in a series about using chatbots in customer service (see part 1). As I attended the Bots and AI conference in Pittsburgh and heard from researchers and practitioners about the art and science of customer care, three points stood out as best practices in employing chatbots. #1. Chatbots provide fast and […]

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IBM Dynamic Pricing: Hitting it out of the ball park using Trends data

A post in the continuing how-to series about IBM Dynamic Pricing software It’s opening day at the baseball park. The home team is up to bat and my favorite player, the shortstop,  steps into the batter’s box.  The catcher gives the signal and here comes the pitch. Crack! The ball flies deep into center field. […]

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Merchandising Decision Making is Now Easy with IBM Watson Commerce Insights

In a recent report, the National Retail Federation projected online sales in 2017 will grow three times faster than in-store sales. The report suggests 51% of Americans prefer to shop online rather than in stores—a figure that jumps to 67% for millennials and 56% for Gen Xers. With Amazon accounting for 43% of online sales […]

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Bots and AI: The Cutting Edge of Customer Care (Part 1)

“People want to feel heard and seen – and today’s customer service very frequently does the exact opposite of that” – Dr. Justine Cassell, Carnegie Mellon University LivePerson and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) recently hosted over 100 customer care executives from globally leading brands for the Bots and AI conference in Pittsburgh. I had the […]

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