3 Strategies for Success in the Age of Intelligence

Ardent Partners recently published a report “Cognitive Procurement: The Age of Intelligence,” which examines the field of cognitive computing and discusses how the capabilities in these new and emerging solutions could impact and fundamentally change the procurement industry. The report, sponsored by IBM Watson Supply Chain, is hot off the presses and available for immediate […]

B2B Integration

Quicken Customer Responsiveness – Bring Cognitive Into Your Supply Chain

You’re just back from lunch, and there’s an email from Ted marked “URGENT.” It reads, “Hi Bill, When are we expecting those parts from SupplyCo that we ordered last week? Got an urgent customer order, but I can’t commit a delivery date until I know when we’ll get those parts.” Ted’s a great bloke. But […]

eCommerce & Merchandising

Cutting-edge commerce highlighted at IBM Amplify 2017

There are so many great commerce sessions at Amplify 2017 that I’m going to have to write a 10,000-word blog post. Just kidding. But it is true that we’ve got all the hottest topics in commerce today covered in our Amplify program – AI, omni-channel, personalization and so much more. First, mark your calendars for […]

Finding Your Passion – Driven by Today’s Cognitive Era

Sci-fi movies often portray a long-off future filled with robots and technology zipping around, co-mingling with humans. And they’re not always friendly robots – occasionally they try to take over the world. Take the 2004 sci-fi thriller, I, Robot or even an earlier film (1973) from which HBO released a fall series – Westworld. Though […]

The Cognitive Gift Giver

When you think gourmet foods and floral gifts, next gen technologies like cognitive computing may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, as the CIO of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., you might have surmised already that my view is slightly different. For me, cognitive is always top of mind. In fact, it’s at the […]

The Store’s Pivotal Role In The Post-Purchase Brand Experience

As I’ve mentioned in previous writings, the post-purchase phase of the consumer’s brand experience has the greatest potential influence on a consumer’s relationship with a retailer. In an IBM study of 1,500 US consumers, we found that: Eighty-five percent more consumers aged 40 and above say the post-purchase experience has a greater potential to strengthen […]

In-Store Mobile Payments Will Grow Faster Than Any Other over the next 5 Years

According to the Forrester Data Mobile Payments Forecast, 2016 to 2021, mobile in-person payments will grow to 6.8x what is was in 2015. Shoppers are taking their phones into your stores more often than they ever have before. In fact, according to the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research, 84% of smartphone shoppers […]

The Demise of the Physical Store

We have all seen headlines: the statistics that show consumers are making more purchases than ever online, so much so that, eventually, we will no longer have physical stores. However, that headline is becoming yesterday’s news as the conversation is starting to change. Of course, there is no doubt that online shopping will continue to […]

The Case for Cognitive Computing in Fulfillment

It is no secret that the world of fulfillment has changed drastically in recent years. Just look at how the experience of purchasing a cellphone charger has changed. Five years ago, you would have found yourself in the endangered species that is Radioshack. Today, you could find the specific model online, receive it at home […]

My Time-Tested 3 Keys to Getting the Most Out of InterConnect

InterConnect 2017 is the ultimate place for IT executives and professionals to learn how to create competitive advantages with B2B integration, managed file transfer, and supply chain solutions. If you’ve already registered, you probably are busy making travel plans and scheduling sessions and activities to fill your agenda. Having been to the last three InterConnect […]

Merchants Should Look to Mobile Checkout to Increase the Use of Their Private Label Cards

If you are like my family, you are frequent visitors to Target. We have one of the super-sized stores right near the house and we are constantly running in to get something. One thing you have probably noticed if you are a Target shopper is that every time you checkout you are asked if you’d […]

IBM Amplify: Your Order Management & Supply Chain Base Camp for Omni-channel Survival

As customer expectations increase exponentially, omni-channel fulfillment is table stakes for survival in business. Yet thriving in today’s rugged business environment — finding a clear path to success — can feel elusive… like finding the Yeti. Though starting points or zero-mile markers often vary, the end goal is the same. How do we give customers what they […]

Women Leaders Who Inspire

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked some women leaders in the tech industry to share advice on influence and leadership in today’s workplace. Hear from IBMers and Futurists on ways women can self promote and unleash limitless potential within their career. Hear from other amazing women in sunny Las Vegas at IBM Amplify!

Today’s Merchandising Realities: Are Stores Ready For “The Truth”?

The amount of change to be handled in order to support various omni-channel capabilities is, perhaps, greatest in stores — where change is often difficult (i.e., given the number of stores and employees involved). Such omni-channel initiatives as in-store pickup or return of online purchases, online visibility into available store inventory, pickup time guarantees, (and […]

Forrester: How Marketers Can Take Control of Their Content

Web and mobile marketing content can’t wait Marketers trying to deliver the most relevant content to customers often can’t do it themselves, which means acting fast is just a dream. Every time they need to make a change to content, most marketers need to go though a developer. It’s not efficient, and it wastes the […]