Data science education has to go broader to serve the next generation of tech talent

The global talent shortage for next generation technology has been well documented. McKinsey predicts that while the number of data scientist job openings in the U.S. will hit 490,000 by 2018, fewer than 200,000 data scientists will be available to fill those spots. And as more advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and cognitive computing start […]

Watson Goes To The US Open To Bring Fans Closer To The Tennis Action

In an article which appears on, Noah Syken, Vice President of Global Sponsorships and Client Executive Programs for IBM, describes how technology is bringing fans closer to the game at this year’s US Open. Tennis is, and always will be, about the intense competition between players on the court. But the information and technology […]

THINK Pod with Andrew Davis : Write the Answers You Want to Get

Brandscaping author Andrew Davis talks to Robert Schwartz about the power of the subscription model, the dreaded marketing funnel, and creating the problem you solve.

The Post-Pokémon Go Economy

What we learned about the potential of augmented reality and location-based gaming The fad phase of Pokémon Go may already be waning, but the wildly popular app has taught us enduring lessons about the power of augmented reality. Prior to the release of Pikachu and his Pokémon cohort into the world of mobile gaming, AR […]

Cannes Lions proves this is the summer of AI in advertising

The recently concluded Cannes Lions festival on the French Riviera showcased plenty of diverse uses of artificial intelligence to communicate, persuade, and further the ambitions of the advertising industry. This summer, expect creative types to plumb the winning Cannes Lions entries as inspiration for their own offerings. And expect them to use the words of […]

Can cognitive computing help us re-imagine sports training and technique?

From our fingerprints to our irises to the very DNA that directs our growth and development, we are singular, solitary, unprecedented individuals. Why, then, does the world insist on training us all the same? We teach our school children using standardized curricula. Doctors ply their trade based on “best practices.” And we train our athletes […]

Golf and technology: Managing the delicate balance between tradition and transformation

Innovate or die. Disrupt or be disrupted. Only the paranoid survive. These are among the many terrifying business mantras of the Internet Age. They are the panicky, unnerving expressions of a generation that has known change to be the only constant. And they serve to remind us that success is difficult to achieve, and even […]

Caroline Webb: Use your brain for work-life success

Ever wonder why “good days” seem so elusive? The answer lies at the intersection of economics, behavioral science and psychology, a matrixed space few occupy quite so well as Caroline Webb. With characteristic clarity and wit, the Oxford and Cambridge-trained economist shows us how we can put brain science to work in her new book, […]

How brain science can transform our working lives

Book Review: How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb (Macmillan) If “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives,” as the poet Annie Dillard put it, then we’re in trouble. Though we’re working harder—the equivalent of an extra month a year—we’re less happy in our jobs. Such findings prompted executive […]

Sales Transformation at Scale Live Chat

What challenges face chief marketing officers who seek to excel in data-driven leadership and the creation of engaging customer experiences? On February 9th we asked a panel of experts to share their wisdom on this topic and join us for a chat, which is archived in the comment section below. Our panel included: Carolyn Baird, […]

Get updates on the new CMO video series Above the Clutter

“Everyone thinks they’re a marketing expert,” says CMO Club founder Pete Krainik in the first episode of Above the Clutter. But what do CMOs consider to be their main expertise? And how can marketing experts like you learn from them? Throughout this new online video series, Krainik goes right to the source to have in-depth […]

Exploring the promise of Big Data for cities and for brands

Opportunity abounds for those able to gather, analyze and draw insights from the flow of data around us, no matter what sector—from agriculture to medicine, manufacturing to energy and utilities, commerce to education. Locked within data is potential for greater efficiency, innovation, savings and a potential boost in brand. To accelerate the emerging field of […]