Lisa Shalett, Startup Investor/Advisor, former Goldman Sachs Partner & Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy

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Lisa Shalett (former Goldman Sachs Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy) talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz (IBM Global Leader, Strategy & Design at IBM iX) about managing the Goldman Sachs brand and advising startups.

0:00 Lisa’s unusual background in Japanese markets and compliance
5:35 Moving from compliance to marketing
7:36 Managing the Goldman Sachs brand during the financial crisis
12:34 Brand-building by “learning to be storytellers with empathy”
15:26 “Everyone is a marketer”
16:31 Equipping Goldman to be brand ambassadors
19:24 Advice for CMOs: team up with innovators
22:20 Pivoting to connect clients ranging from startups to Goldman
28:29 What Lisa looks for in advisees: passion and asking smart questions
31:24 Advice for startup entrepreneurs: Communicate with your supporters and mentors
33:51 Most challenging moments: Lack of communication
36:43 The marriage of expertise and agility
41:18 Fostering gender inclusivity: Making leaders responsible and being a trusted confidant
56:56 When you think about IBM, what do you think of?

Audience questions
46:43 The potential role of Goldman Sachs alumni in the Trump administration
49:05 The potentials and dangers of Watson and AI
51:47 In the next few years, is there more potential in entrepreneurship or “intrapreneurship”?
54:49 Challenges in moving from a large firm to a startup

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