Win the future with hybrid cloud and flash from IBM

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There’s no doubt that much of your business’ future success or failure may depend on how well you use your data assets to capture or maintain competitive advantage. But how do you maximize the business value and advantages that your available data assets can give you? How do you optimize current IT infrastructure while freeing up money to invest in new technology that can open more business opportunities?

The answer can be expressed in three words: Cloud. Flash. IBM.

Hybrid cloud: The foundation of a successful business

First, cloud. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, cloud initiatives are on the rise in 78 percent of companies.  Companies are citing their move into the cloud as a driving force to:

  • Create new sources of revenue – 71 percent
  • Expand into new industries – 76 percent
  • Create and support new business models – 69 percent

This tells us that in the 21st century, companies see cloud computing as a foundational part of a successful business model. But most enterprises expect to keep some data on premises, and to do this they turn to hybrid cloud. Now we’ve arrived at the new Transparent Cloud Tiering functionality just announced for IBM Spectrum Virtualize systems.

Hybrid cloud merges onsite and cloud-based resources into a flexible overall storage solution. With the storage virtualization capabilities offered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize, companies can continue to derive value from their existing onsite storage while extending a rich suite of storage services — now including the ability to transparently move some data to and from the cloud — to all these legacy assets.

No need to rip out and replace older storage systems; simply add IBM Spectrum Virtualize as a software defined storage solution or deploy one of our storage solutions such as Storwize V7000 or Storwize V5000, FlashSystem V9000, or the VersaStack converged infrastructure and the advantages of hybrid cloud come to you.

Do more with flash

Next, flash. These days, leading-edge flash solutions are designed to push the envelope in two dimensions simultaneously — lower cost and increased functionality.

IBM has just announced multiple enhancements to our flash offerings that use IBM Spectrum Virtualize technology and also to our business-critical IBM DS8880 data systems. The enhancements include a new high-density enclosure that packs up to three times more flash capacity into the same physical space. Plus, we’re increasing storage density and scalability to 32 PB of flash capacity in only 4U.

For customers deploying mission-critical applications on IBM z Systems and IBM Power Systems, new IBM DS8880 high-performance flash also delivers better performance and more flash capacity, enabling faster decision making on larger data sets.

IBM, a marketplace leader

This brings us to the final word: IBM. IBM has one of the broadest storage portfolios in the industry. What’s more, it’s optimized for cloud. And IBM is a marketplace leader in both flash and software defined storage.

The key is to focus on what this all means for your business. If you want to win today, you’ll deploy IBM storage solutions designed to help increase the value of your current infrastructure while leveraging new hybrid cloud capabilities and resources. More importantly, to transform your business across traditional and new application workloads — to win the future — we think you will select IBM.

These new capabilities will be available in early December. To find out more, visit the IBM Storage website.

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