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IBM DS8880 zHyperLink: Built on a strong foundation

In my previous blog post, I introduced zHyperLink, which is the latest technology that can be installed on existing IBM DS8880 storage systems. The hardware capability is already included in DS8880 R8.2 storage systems and is intended to speed up DB2 for z/OS transaction processing and improve active log throughput. Now, I’m going to talk […]

DevOps for z Systems provides leading edge function day one

IBM takes pride in offering day one development tooling support for emerging technologies available within IBM z Systems. Applications delivered on complex or emerging environments require development tools that can scale to the complexities of the work you do. With day one support, you don’t have to worry about these complexities and issues. Take IBM […]

IBM DS8880 zHyperLinks gives low latency access to storage

With the advent of mobile computing, 24/7 online banking and other business demands, the pressures to drive transaction processing are greater than ever, and IBM zHyperlink on DS8880 rises to that challenge. With the IBM DS8880 storage system, IBM is making it easy to accelerate transaction processing for the mainframe. The vision On January 10, […]

What were you doing five years ago? IBM zUnit knows

IBM z Unit has been busy for the last five years, but let’s take a look back and compare. Five years ago, Game of Thrones season one had just aired, Kim Kardashian blew through her first marriage (which lasted 72 days!), Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men and IBM made IDz’s […]

IBM Innovation Center for Education: Building IT skills for the future

Have you heard about the IBM Innovation Center for Education? The Innovation Center for Education is a collaborative project between IBM and numerous universities and engineering colleges around the world that’s designed to offer industry-aligned skills training for students. According to a recent executive report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 60 percent of […]

Why Santa picks IBM to deliver gifts this Christmas?

It is that time of year. Santa’s making a list. And he’s checking it twice. He’s tallying the counts and determining who’s naughty or nice. Santa needs to track the billions of letters that come his way this time of year — all of them vitally important — and security is of paramount importance. Parents […]

Power Systems Academic Initiative soars to 550 schools

The Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) has soared to new heights with over 550 colleges and universities now participating in the program. What’s the big deal, you might be asking? For IBM clients around the world, it means they will be able to hire from a broader field of talented graduates with IBM Power Systems […]

How to set up a private cloud platform

If you’re in charge of IT at your company, it’s pretty safe to assume you already have a reference hardware architecture and available infrastructure within your organization. So you want to set up a private cloud on premises for workloads across your company. What more do you need, and how do you set up and […]

Travel and hospitality: IT for the demanding holiday season

Welcome to the end-of-year holiday season — a time when savvy businesses in the travel and hospitality industries can transform hectic consumer behavior into gift-wrapped opportunities. But making those opportunities sparkle takes an understanding of changing customer expectations, optimized mobile experiences and cloud-driven strategies that can handle the seasonal frenzy. And frenzy is often the […]