Hybrid IT service management

Determining problems using analytics

Until a few years ago we had glass house systems, where we accepted the amount of time it took to find problems in system logs so we could determine what tools we needed to fix the identified problems. In addition, all remote systems’ interaction problems could easily be managed manually, because the amount of data […]

Migration matrix for configuring workload automation

Introduction When designing or implementing a workload environment’s architecture, many factors should be taken into account, such as performance, availability, scalability, cost and maintenance. Workload automation is a complex background for IT processing. System administrators, workload administrators, database administrators, and application server administrators all work together to ensure the workload is run appropriately. Depending on […]

On-demand business automation with IBM Self-Service Catalog

Self-Service Catalog is a mobile web interface of IBM Workload Automation – both SaaS and on-premises solutions – to run on-demand business processes from any device. A Self-Service Catalog administrator can create services and organise it into different catalogs, available to business users. Using this application anyone can execute on-demand business tasks in the simplest […]

Hybrid service management is a team sport

Industry analysts agree that hybrid cloud is reaching a tipping point – from hype to reality. The choice, economics and flexibility it provides just make sense for the business guys who are responsible for driving revenue. With cloud services like IBM Bluemix and SoftLayer, application developers can now compose applications quickly, iterate endlessly (a.k.a. continuous […]

Predictive insights for the proactive IT parent

As a parent, it didn’t take long for me to discern that operating purely in a reactionary mode wouldn’t cut it. The more proactive I could be with my spawn the better, be it with packing additional snacks or a handful of DVDs for road trips, or simply having a few art supplies on hand […]