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Why use IBM DevOps tools to deploy applications to the mainframe?

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One of the areas in software delivery that drives the most value for your dollar is automating release deployments.  This is especially true in mainframe environments, where lengthy homegrown processes for checking in and deploying code have been used for years in order to safeguard business-critical applications. Why would you seek out IBM for software ...read more

PureApplication events to know right now

With IBM UrbanCode Deploy and PureApplication, you can create, deploy and scale your hybrid cloud environments, and use a powerful combination of technologies to simplify enterprise IT services for your organization. IBM will be joining numerous UrbanCode Deploy and PureApplication events this year. Here’s an event you need to know about right now, and you can sign up to ...read more

Open PaaS – hybrid cloud on IBM PureApplication

Looking at the evolution of IBM PureApplication from 2012 to 2016, PureApplication has a bright future. With hundreds of units sold and three versions available (System, Service on SoftLayer and Software), the PureApplication platform has made its way into the IBM cloud management portfolio. Now, the future is more promising than ever. PureApplication is becoming ...read more

Google Hangout: What happens when Docker containers are the norm

Docker is no longer the new kid on the block–in fact, they’re becoming the new norm. Over the past few years, Docker’s container technology has revolutionized the way developers build, ship and run applications. According to a study conducted by Datadog at the end of 2015, two out of three companies that evaluate container technology ...read more

IBM mainframe DevOps thought leadership – Imitated but never duplicated

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‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – How competitors recognized IBM’s mainframe DevOps thought leadership and followed suit’ In 1964, when the Japanese first came up with the Shinkansen, or high-speed rail, they unleashed a marvel of technological innovation in the rail industry and changed the face of train travel forever. Not only was ...read more

Delivering business agility with Linux on IBM z Systems


Supporting innovation that spans enterprise IT and digital ecosystems requires companies to extend existing infrastructure investments to meet continuously rigorous demands for superior flexibility and availability in an unpredictable world. Maintaining quality of service as as new capabilities are added requires the right infrastructure strategy and tools. Recent announcements from IBM introducing KVM for IBM ...read more

Naked on the Cloud: Tips for running DevOps in hybrid cloud environments

As The Discovery Channel’s latest ‘Naked and Afraid XL’ hit TV show ends it’s first season, it once again reminds us of the importance of choosing the right items to survive. Survival starts with having the basics covered – food, water, shelter and protection. It’s no different when it comes to surviving in today’s increasingly complex world of DevOps and hybrid ...read more