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Day 2 at InterConnect 2016 and Systems transformation

Everything about Las Vegas is big. I thought the IBM site in Rochester, Minnesota (where I work) was expansive, but I now think the whole city of Rochester would fit inside the Mandalay Bay Resort or the MGM Grand Hotel. The whole atmosphere of the strip and IBM InterConnect inspires me to #OutthinkLimits! Off to more

Collaborating with IT leaders in the cognitive era

Ron Kline recently wrote about a shift in the role of the IT leader. He asserted that as global enterprises transform their digital infrastructures for cognitive and hybrid-cloud environments, IT leaders are increasingly becoming trusted C-suite advisors. Once viewed as backroom technicians, they are now central to business growth and market-driven innovation. Ron called this more

Linux has become enterprise class. Will your platform follow?

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We may not always realize it, but Linux surrounds our lives. Formerly a low-cost operating system for x86 based on open standards, Linux has become a complete platform ready for the needs of a large enterprise. It runs on the appliances in your home, the gadgets in your pocket, the self-service check-in machines at the more

Supercomputing in a waitless world

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Are you satisfied with the speed, efficiency and innovation of your IT infrastructure? The pace of life has increased immensely in the digital age. In our personal and professional lives, we’re all striving to keep up and take advantage of the latest innovations that can help us engage and have impact (time-saving mobile apps, anyone?). more