Three ways to thrive in the digital age [New Solitaire report]

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The pace of business has rapidly accelerated in recent years. Your enterprise must constantly innovate products and services while keeping costs down and data secure. Solitaire Interglobal Limited (SIL), a research firm with over 40 years of experience, has tapped its vast market database to analyze how IT infrastructure can help organizations meet these challenges. more

Embracing hybrid cloud on your digital journey

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Cloud, mobile and social engagement are driving a digital disruption that’s revolutionizing business. Individuals are more connected than ever before, taking advantage of more diverse channels of engagement. Readily available digital technologies have empowered consumers to expect more from their service providers (financial institutions, government, retailers and so on). They want faster, more transparent ways more

Architect the customer experience in today’s API economy

In today’s digital economy, business and technology leaders are taking the challenge head-on to be competitive in the market.   The main challenge: pushing innovation to the edge, and allowing everyone in the organization to innovate while still protecting brand and design for long-term sustainability.   How do you remain innovative by bringing the latest app or more

Cognitive business operations means business opportunities

It’s what’s known as cognitive business: In an interview with Fortune, IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty said that a new technological era is upon us, one that marries digital business with digital intelligence. There’s still a long way to go before digital intelligence becomes the standard, but Rometty recommended five areas where a more

Business processes and decisions in the cognitive era

Digital transformation

Business is changing and moving in new and innovative directions. Customer insights from multiple channels: cloud, mobile, social, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing are shaping how business gets done, and redefining business processes, responsiveness and relationships with customers. Disruptive business models that take advantage of what’s possible offer great potential to act in more

Make friends with personalized content and digital experience

A customer of mine had a problem. They have bank locations across the state of Missouri, and there are two professional baseball teams in the state–the Kansas City Royals in the West and the St. Louis Cardinals in the East. The bank wanted to show an image of one of the team’s stadiums to their more

Persuasive, adaptive, relevant content in the mobile moment

Nowadays we are constantly inundated with information. Our email inboxes are overflowing, there is endless scrolling on Facebook newsfeeds, and useless ads are popping up while we browse online. We are surrounded by content, but how much of that content do we care about? How much of that content is useful? Because of these questions, more

Gain insight into the future of digital marketing at Connect 2016

Digital transformation means taking your organization to the next level by incorporating mobile, cloud and analytics into your marketing plan. At Connect 2016, you’ll gain the strategies and solutions you need to help drive business results and gain a competitive edge in the industry. The curriculum at Connect consists of the following four tracks: Strategy more

IBM Digital Experience creates exceptional brand experiences

Digital transformation

A ‘brand experience’ can be defined as “all the different interactions a customer has with a brand.” A ‘digital brand experience” is defined as “all the experience and interactions a customer has with a brand through various digital channels.” There are multiple facets that help to create differentiated digital brand experiences for enterprise customers in more