converged infrastructure

Three current storage trends that will surprise you

Flash storage, Integrated infrastructure, Software-defined computing...

The pace of change in storage has never been faster. From the mid-1990s to a few years ago, storage area network (SAN)-based disk systems doubled capacity every couple of years and got faster, but otherwise stayed the same. It was relatively simple to plan for the future. In 4 years, you could purchase one new more

Rethinking hyper-converged infrastructure

Hybrid cloud storage, Software-defined computing, Storage...

Change has been ever-present in IT, but it has gained new speed in recent years. The rate of change, however, is subordinate to the magnitude. The transformation we’ve seen in IT in the last few years would register a nine on the Richter scale when it comes to disruption. The key driver of this disruption more

The fast track to simplicity with converged infrastructure

Integrated infrastructure, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

You know the saying “Hindsight is 20/20”?  Throughout my 30+ year career in the storage and compute market I’ve learned that there are lots of choices–across vendors, configurations and solutions.  Sometimes companies make the right choice the very first time, but too often they spend lots of time and money only to realize that more more