cognative business

Banks compete in the cognitive era — with the right IT infrastructure

Whether rolling out the first automated teller machine (ATM) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or introducing the country’s first Visa card, Mashreq Bank has long been at the forefront of technology innovation. So it is no surprise that today we’re exploring technologies ranging from hybrid cloud to cognitive computing. Financial institutions everywhere are increasingly more

Unlocking the potential of blockchain


At any given time, thousands of my IBM colleagues are working on various open source projects to design, debug and donate code. And when we come across a really interesting challenge, we take it a step further by joining our peers in building and shaping new ecosystems. The latest example is our membership in the more

Behind the curtain: How cognitive computing works

Few technologies offer the potential to impact our lives like cognitive technologies. Advances are continuously being made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, such as enabling airlines to predict micro-climate changes to improving the ability of doctors to recommend the most appropriate treatment options. According to an MIT Sloan study, 85% of enterprises view more