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Accelerating value in the API economy with mainframe

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In today’s vastly interconnected world, the places for lone islands of business to prosper are few and far between. Organizations are built on trade, and market leaders collaborate for new opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage. Over 70 percent of CxOs are seeking to increase their partnerships, and in this digital marketplace, application programming interfaces (APIs) ...read more

Better together: Systems of innovation (Part two)

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Senior executives want to engage influencers with an informed perspective of key IT market trends and associated drivers. To be of value to their cause, you must demonstrate an understanding of their commercial world. That awareness requires more than technology knowledge; it requires substantive industry domain expertise. Moreover, executives crave actionable lessons learned – from ...read more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Value


The API economy is a hot topic. This pioneering shift in the market is creating whole new channels of engagement in the IT marketplace. In case the term “API economy” is new to you (it was to everyone at one point, don’t feel bad), here’s a quick definition: “In the API economy, application programming interfaces ...read more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Appraise

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If you’ve never been to New York City, I highly recommend you go. The sights, the sounds, the food — it’s really something to behold. And while you’re experiencing those sights and sounds, you will inevitably get lost. Depending on who you ask for directions, you may get the right information or you may not. ...read more

Don’t be a casualty in the cloud wars

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The cloud has become a powerful tool for businesses rapidly developing new products that appeal to the public. Niche businesses that can do this have disrupted existing business models and industries. Traditional businesses are fighting a war against enemies that fight in dynamic spaces, offering users less functionality but a more personalized experience. The applications ...read more

Shaping workload scheduling: IBM Workload Scheduler 9.3 FP2

IBM just released Fix Pack 1 for Workload Scheduler Version 9.3 in December of 2015. So why then is a brand new fix pack being published only months later? What is so important that they had to release a new fix pack? Hear the news and insights directly from the experts. Get comfortable and listen ...read more

Architect the customer experience in today’s API economy

In today’s digital economy, business and technology leaders are taking the challenge head-on to be competitive in the market.   The main challenge: pushing innovation to the edge, and allowing everyone in the organization to innovate while still protecting brand and design for long-term sustainability.   How do you remain innovative by bringing the latest app or ...read more

Tales of APIs: API usage in trucking and farming

We all hear stories of technology fueling transformation. From cars acting as wifi hotspots to phones that talk back, the technology that underpins change is often small or innocuous. It’s not the technology itself but how it’s used or combined with existing ideas that creates change. For APIs, this couldn’t be more true. An API ...read more

IBM API Connect – powering the new channel

What do the following scenarios have in common? A consumer purchases a car, initiates a bank loan, and obtains insurance in a single transaction with a company that does not own any of these assets. A commuter is heading home from work after a long day. It is hot and the train is running 10 ...read more