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Ready, set, connect… to the hybrid cloud with IBM Connect!

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In the digital era, enterprises are in a race to ensure all their apps and data work seamlessly together. This sprint for connectivity is vital, considering annual data generation is forecasted to increase by 4300 percent by 2020. This is also compounded by the explosion of highly-specialized apps, which forces enterprises to juggle countless tools. With 82 percent of IT professionals turning to a hybrid cloud solution, there is no time to waste. Businesses need to be able to gain insight from behind-the-scenes data and link to existing apps to stay relevant in the marketplace. Today, IBM Cloud is announcing a new series of Connect offerings that provides the full spectrum of hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Without all of your apps and data working together on the cloud made possible through IBM Connect, you risk placing last in this digital race.

Despite differences in industry and organization, the needs we observe in the market are shockingly similar. Enterprises leveraging hybrid cloud can identify and create compelling new solutions rapidly, connect existing capabilities to the cloud for broader reach, and optimize operations and service delivery to meet evolving demands for core business goals.

New app creation is not the only value that can be unlocked with hybrid cloud. Existing apps and data can hold the key to forging new streams of innovation and monetization. When back-end data and customer-facing apps are connected seamlessly, business leaders and developers uncover a broader ecosystem of boundless opportunity. This connectivity is also applicable to traditional IT and cloud. Enterprises need the freedom to choose a customized mixture of cloud and legacy IT for optimizing workloads. Creation, connection and optimization are the principal reasons for embarking on a hybrid cloud journey.

Committing to a hybrid cloud strategy that links apps and data may seem daunting, but it is achievable in 3 steps.

1. Get ready: Prepare your existing environment for a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
2. Get set: Link your existing apps and data to the cloud.
3. Connect: See innovation in action as your developers create apps and services.

This strategy lets you make big changes to your business in fewer steps than it takes to make your morning coffee! Companies can take full advantage of top trends in the market, from the API economy and the Internet of Things to the next generation of businesses powered through cognitive computing. With the endless benefits of embarking on the 3 step journey to hybrid cloud, can you afford to remain idle and watch the marketplace outpace you?

Now that you understand how and why innovation through hybrid architecture is the answer, what can your business use to help ensure your strategy succeeds? IBM has the solution to help enterprises go all in on hybrid cloud. IBM Cloud is launching a new set of Connect offerings that provide the best overarching solution to seamlessly integrate both traditional IT and cloud services that will help deliver benefits customized to business needs.

Let IBM help you unlock your data and apps, and unlock the cloud. To learn more about IBM’s new Connect offerings and how to move forward with your own 3 step process, please visit us here.

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