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By | 3 minute read | April 1, 2019

Today’s biggest challenges involve managing huge amounts of data and getting the most value from it while also keeping that data secure. At IBM, we provide the most comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions to help all of our clients maximize their data’s potential and propel their company forward into a world of p
ossibilities. What that world looks like . . . is up to you.

With open technologies that are scalable, flexible, and designed to work in harmony, we’ve helped our clients achieve amazing things– whether it’s taking better care of sick patients by improving medical data accessibility and security or creating tailored shopping experiences by making the jump to hybrid multicloud.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what is truly possible with an infrastructure built to do more.

Plastic Bank on blockchain

“The level of plastic waste entering the world’s oceans is set to double by 2025.”

Our oceans are beautiful, immense, brimming with life, and under enormous threat from plastic. Scientists predict there will be more plastic waste than fish in the ocean by 2050[1]. This alarming fact inspired The Plastic Bank’s mission to help protect the oceans and empower the poorest among us.

Working with IBM and service provider Cognition Foundry, The Plastic Bank mobilized recyclers from amongst the world’s poorest communities to help clean up plastic waste from our oceans in return for life-changing goods such as food, personal care and school tuition.

With blockchain, running on IBM LinuxONE, Plastic Bank is cleaning up the oceans and alleviating extreme poverty at the same time. Backed by IBM technology, The Plastic Bank is revealing the value of plastic waste, interrupting its flow to the ocean and providing it to corporations for use in new products. This is world-changing work.

Check out their story here.

Oil pipelines on AI

Protecting the environment is a huge concern, and leaks from oil pipelines can cause enormous damage. But a new horizon is emerging. IBM is working with oil and gas pipeline companies, using deep-learning techniques and infrastructure built for data-intensive workloads to reduce human error and false alarms. With IBM Power Systems, controllers can now detect leaks in one-fifth of the time, and are looking forward to a future where leaks are eliminated altogether.

Learn more about how Bridger Pipeline LLC is protecting the environment with deep learning AI on IBM Power Systems.

Hollywood on hybrid cloud

In Hollywood, movie-going audiences have come to expect richer visuals and more complex storytelling from the film industry. To achieve such stunning visual effects, dozens of artists must share, store, and access huge volumes of data at anytime from anywhere, fast.

Pixit Media saw an opportunity to revolutionize the industry’s approach to IT resource management through the power of software-defined solutions—but they needed the right technology to make this goal a reality. With IBM Hybrid Cloud Storage, Pixit Media empowers the media and entertainment businesses to dazzle audiences and bringing amazing graphics to life–expediting pipelines, promoting collaboration and transferring files at unprecedented speeds. This is Hollywood magic.

Check out their story here.

Mainframe for the future

Did you know that 68% of all production workloads run on our IBM Z mainframes?  They manage everything from billions of passenger flights to billions of financial transactions each and every year. Chances are that when you swipe your credit card, the transaction is occurring on one of IBM’s mainframes.

IBM Z mainframes offer the security, reliability and performance that you need to make sure that your data is safe 24/7 and that your services will be fulfilled instantly.

IBM IT solutions are used all around the world to drive digital transformation for clients just like you, looking to achieve what was once impossible. Read more stories of digital transformation and see what it takes to add your own story.

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