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Increase your odds for success with IBM skills training

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To remain competitive, organizations are increasingly challenged to keep pace with frequent hardware and software innovations and the rapid emergence of new technical solutions. How can you stay current with technological advances while, at the same time, deliver successful business results? A great way to meet these goals is to take full advantage of IBM Training.

Did you know?

It’s true that education is a lifelong journey; you‘re never too young or too old to learn something new or refresh your skills. Skills development is essential for succeeding in the workplace. In fact, studies have shown:

An investment in training is not only beneficial to you as an individual; it also has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line and the successful implementation of new technologies.

So, ask yourself:

      • Are you and your team up-to-date on the latest technologies and certifications?
      • Do you have the skills needed to successfully carry out that next big project?
      • Are you ready to hit the ground running in 2017?

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, now is an excellent time to look at the skills gaps in your organization and consider closing 2016 with an investment in IBM training and education.

An unwavering commitment to clients

IBM Training is committed to helping clients obtain skills to take their careers to the next level. IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical learning and services designed for individuals, companies and public organizations to acquire, maintain and optimize IT skills. Visit the website to explore the many options available and to connect with IBM Global Training Providers: Arrow, Avnet, Global Knowledge, Ingram-Micro and LearnQuest.

I also encourage you to join me for an IBM Systems Technical University Event. These events provide an opportunity to experience the latest technology through sessions, hands-on labs and product demos. You can also broaden your network by engaging with product experts, industry leaders, colleagues and IBM executives. Check out the events page for the 2017 schedule and begin thinking about which events meet your needs for the next year. I’d love to see you there!

IBM Business Partner education vouchers: Use them before you lose them

If you’re an IBM Systems Business Partner with an education or certification test voucher, now is the perfect time to use it. Vouchers provide an 80 to 100 percent discount on IBM Systems events, classes and certification exams, but many of them will expire at year’s end. Don’t let yours go to waste!

For more information on IBM Systems vouchers and how you can use them, visit the IBM Systems Voucher page.

If you don’t have time to use your voucher this year, consider using it to reserve a seat at the 2017 PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (PWLC). The PWLC is the premier IBM Business Partner event, providing personalized access to IBM executives and industry leaders alike.  Once PWLC 2017 enrollment opens, you have until December 22 to register using your 2016 voucher.

The only thing constant is change

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but one thing is certain: technology will continue to evolve at lightning speed. Don’t fall behind! Embrace the power of innovation and invest in your professional growth and development today.

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