Cognitive business operations at InterConnect

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I am excited to have the opportunity to talk to our customers and partners about a new area we are evolving on the IBM Smarter Process platform called cognitive business operations. The idea here is that we want to infuse daily business operations with the power of cognitive computing to assist with processes and decisions that meet the following criteria:

Augmented: use of cognitive capabilities to support better decision-making by knowledge workers at the front lines of business. Imagine if you knew how your customers were feeling and could anticipate the best way to meet their needs in the business moment. With sentiment and personality analysis you can start moving in that direction. And this is just one example of how we can augment work with cognitive-–there are a lot of possibilities here.

Autonomous: like a self-driving car that will make your daily commute simpler, we can target work that can be automated in highly engaging, intelligent ways to make it easier. With a projected shortage of millions of knowledge workers over the next few years, this is an especially exciting area for us.

Insightful: 80 percent of all data collected today can’t be utilized by traditional analytical tools because it is takes a form that cannot be accessed using traditional means. Usually it takes a person to interpret and use this kind of “dark” data. The data could be images, conversations, tweets, websites, medical records, insurance policy details or a stock prospectus. And on top of that, we have another challenge. Most of this data loses value the longer it sits. Social media is a great example here-–isn’t it better to act on a negative comment sooner, rather than later? So the challenge is this: how do you turn dark data from a liability into an asset that can help change how you operate? Using cognitive capabilities combined with IBM Smarter Process, you can understand dark data and act on that understanding to drive positive outcomes for your business.

So that’s what cognitive business operations is all about. It’s an evolution of what you are already doing, whether you are using IBM Blueworks Live, IBM Business Process Manager or IBM Operational Decision Manager. And since Watson capabilities are available on IBM Bluemix, you can get started today. That’s right–you can start your journey to cognitive business operations today.

We will have a number of demos showcasing IBM Smarter Process with our Watson APIs in a number of scenarios. From improving the hiring process to predicting and acting on flu outbreaks, you will learn how to infuse cognitive capabilities into your business operations with IBM. To learn more about how cognitive business operations can transform knowledge work, join me at InterConnect 2016 for my session (BEK-4674) Changing How Knowledge Workers Work: The Future of Business Operations with IBM BPM and Watson on Thursday, February 25th (9:30 AM – 10:15 AM PST).

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