Douglas O'Flaherty

Storage for the exabyte future

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“There is no AI without IA (information architecture)” is a common phrase here at IBM. It describes the business and operation platform every business needs to connect and manage the lifecycle of their AI applications. Data scientists, analytic teams, and line of business need access to the data that helps drive innovation, insight, and ultimately more

AI in action: Autonomous vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles will transform our daily lives and our communities. What seemed like science fiction a decade ago is now visible as test vehicles gather data, tune sensors and develop the artificial intelligence (AI) to make cars self-driving and safer. Every major auto company, their suppliers and startups across the globe are using the latest more

The fastest storage for the fastest system: Summit

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This week in Frankfurt, Summit was crowned the “Fastest System in the World” in the biannual Top500 survey. The ORNL system is the most powerful, with over 200 petaflops of NVIDIA and IBM Power Systems compute, but it is much more. This is no ordinary system. It is purpose-built to use GPUs and excel on more

Container data availability and reuse

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Containers provide rapid deployment in a lightweight framework. They are ideal for scaling up and down services, rapid provisioning for development and an integral part of many DevOps workflows. Containers have less overhead than virtual machines and the flexibility for practically any workload. As organizations adopt containers more broadly, data management and availability requirements have more

VM protection and availability made easy

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There is too much complexity in backup and data protection. Even the solutions that tout their simplicity can take weeks to setup and hours to recover – even if you’re a backup expert. However, there are fewer backup and storage specialists. As organizations move toward agile processes that embrace cloud and virtual machines, backup is more

Fast data: The future of big data

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It’s not news that big data is getting bigger by the second.  However, in addition to sheer volume, there is also increasing demand to take action faster than ever based on the data.  An organization’s leaders want to gain a competitive advantage by turning raw data into actionable intelligence. How can they quickly and efficiently more

NAB: The largest data event

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In late April over 100,000 people attended the National Association of Broadcasters 2017 NAB Show. A comprehensive event with a massive exhibit space, it covers everything from content, to cameras, to software for editing and user distribution. It is a show buzzing with talk of video quality jumps from 4K to 8K, targeted content and more

IBM and Red Bull Racing together in 2017

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Formula One is an incredibly fast-moving sport. So is the speed of innovation. Fast, highly accurate data-driven decision making, from design and development processes right through to on-track performance, is critical for success. The Red Bull Racing Formula One Team eagerly prepares for the first race of the season with 52 race wins, 8 World more

Increase the value of your data: IBM at Gartner Data Center

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The future success of your business depends on how well you leverage your data assets to capture or maintain competitive advantage. This simple statement sums up the relationship between IT and business in the 21st century, or what IBM calls the cognitive era. The World Economic Forum sees data as an economic asset, like currency more