Cognitive computing

The race for cognitive insights at the speed of thought

Attention: Once upon a time there was so much data no one knew what to do. Then cognitive innovation came along and unlocked all of the data secrets and everything was perfect.  The end. Sounds familiar, right?  In its longer form it goes like this: By 2011, the human race had generated 1.8 zettabytes of […]

Cloud computing

Cognitive on cloud: Compete in the API economy

How can your organization compete in an environment defined by digital transformation? Our answer: design for cognitive analytics and deliver on cloud. Taking this route will place you on the path to success in the application programming interface (API) economy, in which businesses provide services—and the services of partners—when, where and how customers want them. […]

Build with collaborative innovation

Serving Wimbledon fans worldwide with IBM systems

Not every tennis fan can attend Wimbledon in person, but The Championships’ partnership with IBM provide the next-best thing by delivering a highly immersive experience to fans worldwide—in near real time. IBM is improving the fan and media experience at the Wimbledon Fortnight this year using the same solutions that it uses to transform organizations […]

IBM DeepFlash 150: Accelerating big data opportunities

Data comes from everywhere: chatter from social networks, telemetry from the Internet of Things, streaming television episodes, online shopping transactions, and the list goes on. As this data flow increases in volume, velocity, and variety, it becomes “big data,” and it offers business transformation potential. Analyzing big data helps enterprises to make better business decisions […]

Experience the power of private cloud: IBM Bluemix Local System

Imagine a single cloud platform where your company can run both preexisting enterprise apps and new cloud apps all on one single platform, behind your own firewall. A local private cloud that automatically accelerates, automates and optimizes your application environments, while your team focuses on building exciting new apps. Today, IBM is introducing the IBM […]

Why APM matters to WebSphere users and app owners

Sweet dreams As an application owner, there are a lot of reasons to lose sleep at night. So many questions can run through your mind–Is my application performing well? Are my customers happy? Can I find problems before they impact users? Can I avoid revenue loss? Can I maintain my excellent reputation? Did I remember […]

Cognitive in action: 3 new IBM IBV studies on travel loyalty

IBM is committed to helping our travel clients thrive, and one way we do so is by sharing our thinking about the future of the industry. In our recently released travel loyalty series, the IBM Institute for Business Value articulates a clear vision for how travel companies can get more from their travel loyalty programs […]

Certified high performance with IBM Storage and SAP

IBM and SAP have a long history of working together to create the best IT solutions possible for enterprises running SAP applications on IBM infrastructure. Looking to the future, we have every reason to expect this relationship to continue and flourish as customers deploy more flash storage and employ even more big data analytics like […]

Reimagining IT infrastructure for the cognitive era

There’s an old entrepreneur’s adage: “The pioneers get the arrows and settlers get the land.”   In today’s connected economy we are seeing pioneers get the land and settlers end up paying the rent! We know that the new connected economy is real and that all businesses are going digital.  This shift is changing how people, […]

How fast can you deploy apps & APIs across hybrid clouds?

Do you ever wish you could reuse existing apps “as is” and move them on or off-premises without change? Are you looking to create new and innovative mobile, internet of things (IoT) and Web apps as well as APIs? Do you need to optimize your app deployments across hybrid cloud with IBM WebSphere Application Server […]

Simplify container management with integrated controls

Organizations are witnessing a rapid evolution in frameworks for big data analytics such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. They are also handling ever-growing volumes of data. To help improve computing reliability and efficiency, many of these next-generation applications are being composed of microservices that run in lightweight container environments. While containers allow developers to move […]

Accelerating hybrid innovation with WAS and IBM APM

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you know what IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is. If not, or if you want to hear more about the latest capabilities from the 24 June Version 9 release, check out this announcement. Likewise, this also won’t be an overview on IBM Application Performance Management, but there’s plenty of […]

WebSphere brings cloud economics to the on-premises world

The business and economic benefits of cloud are clear: faster deployment, access to innovative services, lower costs and flexible pricing options.  But rather than implement an entire cloud-based infrastructure, most companies (80 percent of companies according to the IDC) are investing in hybrid technologies. Why?  Hybrid capabilities bring the benefits of cloud to the on-premises […]