As medium and large-enterprise clients look to expand their business insights by applying analytics to big data, they require a cost-effective, high-performing, resilient and secure infrastructure. These businesses are taking various approaches to organizing their structured and unstructured big data for analytics, including the following: Offloading their historical operational data from a data warehouse to … Continued

O mundo está passando por mudanças massivas e os negócios estão se transformando em todos os setores. Na atual era cognitiva, onde tudo está sendo redesenhado pelos dados, refeito na nuvem e reescrito em códigos, as empresas estão descobrindo novos modelos de negócios e os consumidores estão interagindo de novas maneiras. Para sobreviver e competir … Continued

El mundo está pasando por grandes cambios y está transformando la forma de hacer negocios en todas las industrias. En la actual era cognitiva donde todo está siendo rediseñado por datos, rehecho en la nube y reescrita en códigos, las empresas están descubriendo nuevos modelos de negocio y consumidores están siendo involucrados en diferentes formas … Continued

The world is going through massive changes and it’s transforming how business is done in every industry. In the current cognitive era in where everything is being redesigned by data, remade in the cloud and rewritten in code, companies are discovering new business models and consumers are being engaged in new and different ways. To … Continued

What’s driving the viral growth of the cluster-computing framework Fortune calls the “Taylor Swift” of big data software? Performance. Enterprises able to harness Apache Spark can run critical analytic applications up to 100 times faster than before. Once deployed, the framework helps organizations make crucial decisions rapidly as they process ever-growing volumes of data needed … Continued

Whether you are a retail business analyzing consumer data generated on social media channels, an entertainment institute that archives digital assets, a life science company dealing with HIPAA and government regulations or a managed service provider (MSP) that offers cloud services–you are all dealing with big data. You have to build the right strategy to … Continued

Part 1 – From Customer Centricity to Real Time and Contextual Customer Centricity With the rise of the Internet and mobile, advertisements have become more prolific than ever. Customers are overwhelmed from having too many options. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate your business from the competition by sending your customers relevant messages at the … Continued

Are you planning to attend IBM InterConnect 2016 this month? It’s a hugely popular cloud and mobile conference and a great place for education on how to evolve your infrastructure for digital transformation. Many organizations today are looking for ways to master the cloud to their full advantage and to work with greater agility. They … Continued

A customer of mine had a problem. They have bank locations across the state of Missouri, and there are two professional baseball teams in the state–the Kansas City Royals in the West and the St. Louis Cardinals in the East. The bank wanted to show an image of one of the team’s stadiums to their … Continued