Few events can have a stronger adverse business impact than an IT outage. Even worse is the negative publicity that such events often generate in today’s “always connected” news media world. The potential revenue loss from an outage and the damage to a company’s reputation can be costly. From finance, healthcare, transportation and retail to … Continued

In 2015, it was announced that IBM PureApplication will fully support Docker, the leading container technology. As we head into IBM InterConnect 2016 (February 21 – 25) let’s reflect and look at the current benefits of Docker running on PureApplication. What’s a container? Simply put, container technologies such as Docker are lightweight alternatives to virtual … Continued

I’m sure you’re expecting a great marketing post compelling you to attend InterConnect 2016, IBM’s premier cloud and mobile conference being held February 21-25 at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boasting over 24,000 attendees, the event is one of the most popular events in the IT universe. Wrong. Here … Continued

Cognitive-based solutions offer users the ability to take action by analyzing and recognizing relevant data, sensing patterns, isolating trends, adapting to ecosystem changes and suggesting alternatives. When lessons learned from dependent infrastructure and the broader ecosystem of integrated offerings are factored in, cognitive-based solutions provide a picture in real time to optimize a decision. They … Continued

It’s almost that time of year! IBM InterConnect 2016 is coming up on February 21 – 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. Join clients, business partners, vendors, sponsors, colleagues and more–over 24,000 expected–and learn about the most important emerging technologies and best practices that can help your … Continued

There is no arguing about the toxic health effects of particulate matter (PM) found in the air. To improve air quality the city of Stuttgart, Germany recently introduced a so-called PM alert. When the concentration of PM is about to reach a critical limit, citizens are alerted. And as road traffic creates almost half of … Continued

Almost one year ago, IBM embarked on a mission to change how storage is built, bought and managed. At the time, Senior Vice President of IBM Systems Tom Rosamilia said “A new approach is needed to help clients address the cost and complexity driven by tremendous data growth.” That new approach included building IBM Spectrum … Continued

A few days ago IBM released the first fix pack for IBM Workload Scheduler V9.3. Several new features are summarized in this blog post. With the fix pack, a big step forward is being taken to improve cognitive, analytics and cloud strategies, along with the improvement of user experience. The pack includes the following: What-If … Continued

Attention IT leadership, your data protection specialists need clarity. There are many fundamental debates in data protection: Disk, tape or cloud? Backups, snapshots or replication? Centralized backup of remote office/branch office (ROBOs), autonomous backups or cloud-BaaS solutions? Unified data protection or workload-specific (VM/database) methods? Candidly, every one of those choices can be resolved with “it … Continued