When we committed to providing deeply integrated all-flash solutions throughout our storage portfolio, we were driven by the most basic objective in business–providing greater value to the customer. This is not an obsolete marketing slogan. Even in today’s world of cognitive computing, hybrid cloud, big data analytics and mobile and social systems of engagement, delivering … Continued

Seven in ten companies plan to always deploy IT in a hybrid manner: that is, to use both traditional IT and cloud services. That statistic is based on a survey IBM conducted with over 500 companies worldwide. The same survey also showed that the use of private clouds is growing twice as fast as public … Continued

Contrary to some discussion threads on social media and other places, ITSM is far from “dead”.  In fact, I think this is a great time to be an ITSM professional.  Why? The need for efficient, transparent and repeatable processes by which organizations can effectively manage the lifecycle of their services has never been greater.   With … Continued

The world is changing and customer-centricity is the new process imperative for growth in the digital era. Disruptors are reinventing business processes and leading their industries with digital transformation and personalized front-line decision making using real-time insights. New mobile apps are streamlining decision making for those at the forefront of customer engagement. In order to … Continued

These days, I think a lot about how IT leaders shape the future for their companies. I recently read a thought-provoking blog post from Paulo Carvao, IBM Systems Hardware Sales General Manager, where he sat down with 12 executives as they discussed their roles as service providers and how technologies like cognitive computing are transforming … Continued

One of the hardest parts about moving is ensuring your belongings remain intact.  The last thing you want is to pull your favorite vase from a moving box only to find it broken into a dozen pieces.  The same can be said about your applications.  With more and more businesses moving to the cloud to … Continued

Storage and device management (SDM) software is largely invisible outside the IT department, but it is vital for running data-intensive applications. SDM software can be instrumental in diagnosing data performance issues in complex environments. And rapid data growth increases the importance of SDM. My market research for IDC estimated that the SDM software market brought … Continued

Designing, building and driving a high-powered race car can actually teach us a lot about why IBM DS8888, IBM z Systems and tape are a very powerful combination. In the 21st century, data has become a very valuable resource for business, and in fact for car racing as well. Take Formula One racing for example. … Continued

How is your organization modernizing data management? One of the most compelling, popular ways is with Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions. It’s easy to understand why–DBaaS starts by reducing the time to procure and install database infrastructure like MongoDB Enterprise Server, and it also makes it much easier to centralize security control, ensure high … Continued