Data security

Data security threats: Staying ahead of the curve

Data loss of some magnitude is almost a certainty in any enterprise. The loss can be due to anything from a minor mishap by a user, a stolen laptop or a system-wide cyberattack, to a catastrophic natural disaster that wipes out an entire data center. A lot of security breaches that compromise data tend to […]

Big data & analytics

Honoring cognitive trailblazers

Last week in San Jose, I had the honor of presenting the inaugural “IBM Cognitive Honors” award at the Hortonworks Luminaries dinner, in conjunction with DataWorks Summit. IBM Cognitive Honors seeks to recognize individuals making noteworthy advances in AI/machine learning within their company or organization. The journey to cognitive and AI often starts with advanced […]

Build with collaborative innovation

Is your organization undergoing a hybrid cloud evolution?

In the last few years, cloud computing has evolved considerably, motivating CTOs and other IT leaders to rethink their enterprise cloud strategy. They want to modernize their IT environment and shepherd their organizations along a path to digital transformation. Besides reducing costs, they also need to consider whether a cloud infrastructure is efficient and flexible, […]

Get real-time automated security analytics on your mainframe

Time is of the essence Our security operations centers are inundated with records that might include information relevant to potential security breaches. The amount of data to be analyzed is overwhelming.  We must defend against malware, ransomware, privileged user abuse, hackers and other threats: often zero-day vulnerabilities which can be exploited immediately and run undetected […]

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IBM PowerAI and Watson team up at O’Reilly AI Conference

Deep learning and artificial intelligence are two terms that have become ubiquitous in the technology market, as enterprises, research centers, academic institutions and individual developers have quickly realized that the cognitive era is upon us. These technologies represent the solid possibility of unlocking greater insights from data by augmenting human capabilities with some of the […]

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Safely storing massive amounts of data just got easier

A new Cisco Validated Design offers a cost-efficient on-premises cloud object storage solution. IBM Cloud Object Storage and Cisco UCS Servers are integrated to help clients easily store and manage cloud-scale application data. Today, as companies take action to drive digital transformation – technologies like cloud, mobile, IOT, social, analytics and cognitive are generating content […]

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Lab Services helps India fertilizer co-op adopt emerging tech

Organizations today are constantly looking for ways to make their IT more efficient, to save on operational costs and take advantage of the latest technologies—in short, to optimize their IT infrastructure. While the goals are obvious, it’s not always easy to determine how to achieve such changes, especially in a large and highly complex environment. […]

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Behind the scenes of precision medicine

Advancing the science of medicine relies largely on access to patients’ genomic information and the other related biological or environmental factors causing disease. Armed with additional information, researchers and physicians can often target a disease more precisely with treatment specific to the individual, and potentially deliver higher-quality personalized patient care. In a world where the […]

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The cognitive impact on technology: An investor’s viewpoint

Hardly an industry today can escape disruption. New technologies and business models compel CTOs and IT leaders to seek innovative ways to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. But they face challenges understanding the role and impact of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning when integrating them into their existing […]

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Can I migrate my IBM Power Systems without Live Partition Mobility?

Is your organization looking to update your infrastructure to the latest version of IBM Power Systems but struggling with how to migrate your servers? When migrating virtual machines (also called logical partitions or LPARs) from an older IBM Power technology to more current systems, Live Partition Mobility (especially as aided by IBM Systems Lab Services’ […]

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IBM at Cisco Live: The future of hybrid cloud

In today’s hypercompetitive economy, your organization needs to deliver instant access to information, applications and services, or risk falling behind. If you use a traditional data center design with static resources, your IT infrastructure and staff likely can’t respond in time. Why? Because traditional siloed environments are inefficient.  Staffing and budget constraints further complicate the […]

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The HPC beat goes on

Earlier this year, we wrote about the silver anniversary of IBM Spectrum LSF, a milestone celebration of 25 years of innovation in HPC workload management.  And you’ve come a long way baby!  Over the years, IBM Spectrum LSF has grown from a workload scheduler to a full suite of products designed to give you a […]

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