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Cloud Identity FIDO2 – Consuming FIDO2 as-a-service from IBM Cloud Identity

This article introduces a free, open-source sample application which demonstrates how an external FIDO2 relying party can consume IBM Cloud Identity APIs as-a-service. The application has been written in Node.js and leverages a range of API calls from IBM Cloud Identity (CI) including: User Management FIDO2 APIs OAuth and OpenID Connect Integration The application has […]

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FIDO2 for IoT – A hobby project

In our work at IBM building FIDO2 services for both on-premise (IBM Security Access Manager) and cloud (IBM Cloud Identity) offerings, we have been looking at scenarios for using FIDO2 authentication technology beyond the mainstream use case of browser-based authentication with WebAuthn. One scenario we decided to experiment with is FIDO2 for IoT devices – […]

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The fido2viewer – a free FIDO2 debugging utility

Those of you who have been reading my recent series of blog posts will realize that I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on FIDO2 and WebAuthn related technologies. As part of this effort which has been in progress on and off for more than 12 months now, I put together a debugging […]

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FIDO2 Conformance – why it’s a big deal

I was fortunate to recently find myself amongst the first round of server vendor participants to take a product through FIDO2 certification, and that’s what today’s article is really all about. IBM’s authentication platforms, which include both on-premise (ISAM) and cloud-based (IBM Cloud Identity) offerings, are the perfect vehicle to bring this new era of […]

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