Order Management

5 ways supply chain heroes are preparing for the holiday season

Written by Rich Hagopian | November 20, 2019 | Order Management, Supply Chain Event Readiness, Supply Chain Hero

This story is part of our #SupplyChainHero series. This holiday season, we’re shining a spotlight on the behind-the-scenes heroes who make it possible for their companies to turn events into opportunities. When it comes to supply chains, the best holiday surprises are the ones that don’t happen. Supply chain heroes understand this – and that’s ...read more

3 reasons why you need a better view of your inventory

Written by Sudhir Balebail | November 5, 2019 | Inventory Visibility, Order Management

  One of the things I hear often from retailers in grocery, apparel and consumer electronics, as well as from our clients in consumer packaged goods and B2B wholesale, is that some of their biggest challenges lie in just being able to see their inventory. While customer engagement and orders flow across channels, inventory is ...read more

IBM Sterling: Fueling the Next-Generation of Supply Chains

Written by Jeanette Barlow | October 7, 2019 | Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain, Order Management, Supply Chain News

In today’s global marketplace, businesses can win or lose on the strength of their supply chain. To deliver market-leading agility, supply chain leaders have spent years digitizing processes, optimizing workflows, and introducing analytics to better understand past events so they can take more informed actions in the future. Despite enormous investments of time, budget and ...read more

Does my fulfillment operation really need AI?

Written by Jeff Geoffroy | August 28, 2019 | Order Management

The answer to this question? It depends! How many stores and distribution centers (DCs) do you have? If you only have a handful, then you may not get a large return on your AI investment. However, if you have more than 20 stores and DCs, AI can provide your company with many great benefits. AI ...read more