ソフトウェアへの想い:Helen Wrona



Hello, my name is Helen Wrona.
I am a German student for Business and Information Technology at Corporate State University Stuttgart. I have been working for IBM since I started to study in October 2012.


During my studies I get the chance to do 6 internships in different IBM departments.

One of the projects was for the big CeBIT Exhibition held in Hannover, Germany.  I also worked with Software Group Services team on Enterprise Content Management Assets and Offerings. I also did an internship with the South German Sales director for General Business Enterprise.

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My current internship, however, is definitely the peak of my studies since not all students have the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I am more than happy that I got the chance to work in an Asian country especially Japan. I always wanted to work in a Japanese environment due to the fact that everyone is appreciating you and is more than welcome to help you with anything. (Cultures from all over the world can definitely adapt the Japanese kindness!)

My goal is to work closely with the Software Group Marketing and Communications team, establish an innovative team role as a foreign student and most of all I want to satisfy the expectations the team has on my work. Working for a project as  big as IBM XCITE Autumn 2014 is such a great experience – what a great chance!

Personally, I think that everyone should have the chance to work abroad for a period of time, especially if you work for a global company such as IBM. It is so beneficial for getting insights in different working strategies but also to understand cultural variations – in my case Japan. 

Just within my first days in Japan I recognized – and appreciated directly– how considerate, wise and cooperative Japanese culture really is. Moreover working and living in a foreign country extends your personality – the world is full of surprises!

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