Juergen Loeb, Hybrid Cloud Services Offering Manager, Europe

Enterprise container platforms, Part IV: Embarking on your container journey

Written by Juergen Loeb | January 7, 2020 | Business transformation, Cloud, Open source

In this series so far, we’ve gone over how microservices and containers work together to save time and money in enterprise IT environments; how container platforms challenge IT leaders to rethink IT infrastructure composition and deliver resources to lines of business; and key elements to keep in mind when implementing a container platform. Now, are ...read more

Enterprise container platforms, Part III: Building applications with microservices in an evolving production environment

Written by Juergen Loeb | November 21, 2019 | Business transformation, Cloud, Open source

The use of containers as a deployment vehicle for applications is on the rise. In fact, IDC says that by 2022, the acceleration of legacy application modernization and net-new development in Europe will lead to 30 percent of production applications being cloud-native1 using microservices, containers and dynamic orchestration. This means that most containers will still ...read more

Enterprise container platforms, Part II: Risk, reward and rethinking IT for the next generation

Written by Juergen Loeb | October 29, 2019 | Application modernization, Manage cloud, Open source

The benefits of enterprise container platforms are ultimately a product of the business becoming faster with new, cloud-native applications and simplifying access to resources. But to make this happen, enterprise IT leaders must embrace agile, cloud-enabled technology that reflects business requirements for compliance, security and control. Risk and investment Let’s step out of IT for ...read more

Enterprise container platforms, Part I: Why IT leaders are embracing the microservices revolution

Written by Juergen Loeb | October 1, 2019 | Application modernization, Open source

I used to think of container platform services as an evolution of existing virtualization products; just a new way to provide access to infrastructure resources. But the more time I spend with these technologies, the more I see them as catalysts, quickly revolutionizing the way we consume and deliver IT services. Now I believe that ...read more