How to make your organization digitally resilient to convert crisis into opportunity

Turning your plans into action

By | 2 minute read | April 6, 2021

Truly intelligent workflows will not only predict what needs to be done but also act based on AI and agreed playbooks and scenarios. This will allow them to become increasingly resilient as they have built in flexibility and agility. Collaboration rooms and data sharing platforms can immediately bring together strategic partners to understand the impact of disruptions across their joint supply chains and make faster decisions on how to rapidly respond and resolve. Machines today can constantly analyze and develop hypotheses based on structured and unstructured data to enhance the power of the supply chain professional. AI can support rapid scenario planning and unlock hidden insights to augment the supply chain planner’s abilities to quickly determine options and act faster than competition in marketplace.

Within our own IBM Systems supply chain, we have developed cognitive control tower capabilities to help us identify early warnings based on external data such as social media and The Weather Company insights. This allows our supply chain professionals to have relevant and actionable information at their fingertips to quickly respond and focus their attention on higher value activities like communicating with customers, suppliers and other impacted stakeholders rather than chasing information and status reports. Watson AI significantly helps our professionals optimize orders based on criticality including inventory reallocation and prioritization. Our teams can react faster and shave off hundreds of person hours previously spent collecting data so that they can focus on that higher value work. Ultimately smart supply chain systems will take on more of these tasks without human input so that they can truly optimize the supply chain in real-time within agreed parameters.

IBM speaks from experience, as a business that has developed its own advanced and evolved cognitive supply chain. It also has world-leading data, cloud and blockchain capabilities, and an experience-led methodology that values outcomes over technology. The combination of this experience and expertise means we are perfectly positioned to help clients drive resiliency, agility and predictability by transforming their own supply chains. Now is the perfect time to invest in a strategic program that enables your smarter supply chain, levering AI, automation and blockchain, delivered through cloud-based applications.

Action Guide/Conclusion

  1. Create visibility across your end-to-end supply chain with a Cloud based platform or control tower to both share and collect data. Restructure your organization to make use of this data and re-imagine into Intelligent Workflows that replace manual aggregation to speed up decision making.
  2. Build smarter supply chain modeling and scenario analysis to provide both immediate assessment and longer-term ability to continually evaluate the fine balance between lean operations and risk mitigation.
  3. Set up systems that enable digital resilience by allowing strategic partners to quickly collaborate and understand the impact of disruptions. Leverage AI to support rapid scenario planning and unlock hidden insights to quickly determine options and take action.