AIOps is a game-changer for hybrid multicloud management

How intelligent insights can help IT leaders proactively manage complexity, prevent problems and improve IT performance

By | 2 minute read | September 20, 2019

Modern business is well on its way to cloud. A recent IBM Market Development & Insights (MD&I) study found that 89 percent of organizations expect to increase or maintain their number of cloud providers over the next two years, while the use of managed cloud services is expected to triple. But there’s no way around it — as businesses rely on more platforms to move and optimize their workloads in the cloud, IT operations get more complicated.

Don’t let your insights go to waste

Many businesses adopt point solutions to monitor IT infrastructure health and manage IT operations. The complexity that comes with cloud is further compounded when IT departments are not able to use the data insights provided by all the different systems they have in play. As end-to-end visibility gets more complicated, valuable data insights are squandered.

Only one-quarter of IT leaders say they feel confident in their ability to effectively monitor and manage end-to-end IT operations. When data insights are not used cohesively, the business can suffer consequences:

  • Fragmented visibility into IT operations
  • Excessive cost and complexity
  • Slow problem identification and remediation
  • Increased exposure to risk
  • Inconsistent monitoring and management across cloud providers

Back data insights with intelligence

To combat this challenge, businesses are turning to self-service management across hybrid multicloud environments through consoles that provide end-to-end visibility and actionable insights. Artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, enhances traditional IT operations by aggregating data from multiple sources and employing automation, advanced analytics and AI.

“AIOps means not only being able to see the data, but also having some intelligence behind that data to provides insight you couldn’t see on your own,” said IBM Services’ Director of U.S. Services Integration Hub Mark DeBry. “It sifts through the data looking for correlations, patterns, trends and risk, and then it displays all those insights along with the raw data in one place.”

Solve IT issues before they become business problems

More than one-third of IT leaders say they expect to benefit from using a cloud management platform to prevent costly IT outages through proactive monitoring. “It’s no different than proactive healthcare,” said DeBry. “A proactive alert that CPU use is climbing makes all the difference in preventing an outage.” As the old saying goes: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Management consoles and cloud management platforms that provide AIOps are quickly becoming IT leaders’ go-to solution for actionable insights and end-to-end visibility across their hybrid multicloud environments. IT teams that currently use an intelligent platform to consolidate and analyze data across their hybrid multicloud environments report numerous benefits, including:

  • Faster problem identification and resolution
  • Reduced costs through IT outage prevention and efficient IT management
  • Improved service management and customer experience

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