Cloud Pak for Data System drives positive out-of-the-box AI experience

By | 1 minute read | July 31, 2019

Today, IBM announced bold new moves that transform our software portfolio to be cloud-native and delivered as pre-integrated solutions called IBM Cloud Paks.

A key part of this effort is Cloud Pak for Data, a cloud-native, container-based data platform that enables IBM Watson to run Anywhere, across any cloud, freeing users from AI vendor lock-in and enabling them to bring AI directly to their data, wherever it resides.

With Cloud Pak for Data users can quickly build AI models and visualize and discover data across their vast enterprises for predictive analytics, as well as machine and deep learning. In addition, the platform provides robust data preparation and automation capabilities to help clients get their data ready for AI, fast.

Building on this momentum, we also announced the Cloud Pak for Data System, a new hyperconverged system that provides all the necessary infrastructure components built-in and optimized to run Cloud Pak for Data. The powerful combination is designed to clients up and running with enterprise AI right out of the box in hours, instead of days or weeks.

The Cloud Pak for Data System and Cloud Pak for Data platform are designed with openness at the core. In addition to the commitment to Red Hat OpenShift, IBM leverages strategic partnerships with MongoDB, Cloudera, and others to offer clients a wide range of data management options. In addition, the solutions also provide easy access to Db2 and the IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL.

In fact, the integration of PostgreSQL, the widely-used open source object-relational database system, which comes as an entitlement, also provides an easy path from IBM’s Netezza systems.

From a scalability standpoint, Cloud Pak for Data System features a modular design that’s easily extended with additional modules for compute, storage and networking capabilities. When additional compute power is needed, clients merely add a hardware node, for example. Also, software add-ons for such critical Watson solutions as Watson Assistant, Discovery, Watson Studio and more are available through the Cloud Pak for Data catalog, for easy download.

We all know the feeling that comes from a positive out-of-the-box “experience.” That’s what we set out to do with the Cloud Pak for Data System, and it hasn’t disappointed.

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