Tips to Rock That Job Interview!

By | 4 minute read | January 13, 2020

Score! You just got the call you’ve been waiting for. You are invited to a job interview! You’re one step closer to your dream job and the reality sets in—you have an important interview to prepare for! They may be interviewing several people for the role so you have to be ready to stand out and be memorable. We asked IBMers for their best advice on what to do to make a great first impression.

1. Do thorough research about the role and company.

“Prepare, prepare, prepare. Find out about the company, the position and the goals and responsibilities of the organization.”
Angie Krackeler, Global Developer Advocacy Program Leader

“To prepare for your interview, study up on the history of the company and current business initiatives!”
Brianne Boldrin, Data Scientist

“Do your due diligence. Learn about the product and the competition. What’s going on in the industry? What are the future trends that could have an impact? If you know who you might be interviewing with, do a little Googlin’ to find out who they are and try to find some common ground to build rapport.”
Lisa Chen, Lead Design Strategist

“Get the name of your interviewer in advance, find them on LinkedIn, and learn a bit about their background.”
Kelsey Weissgold, Lead Performance Engineer for Global Early Professional Hiring

“You should always take time to understand the nature of the company that you are joining. Read about it and its character! By doing so, you would also be able to see if you fit into the organization. And also, it is best that you are thoroughly aware of the scope of the role based on the job description you applied for. This way you can ask questions whenever necessary.”
Marion Denise Maglaya, Talent Acquisition Manager

2. Become an expert about yourself.

“Be able to talk about what is on your resume.”
Emily Supil, Business Intelligence Lead

“An interview is like a date. When we go out on dates, we want to be our best selves, and no one likes boring dates. Everyone likes an exciting moment. The same applies to an interview. Prior to the interview, look into the requirements of the job and ask yourself some questions: Why am I a great fit for this role? How have I demonstrated the required skills in the past? For every requirement in the job description, think about how you have done something similar in your past experiences. Do not forget to point out the skills you used to meet those requirements. At the end of the day, you are meeting a recruiter or hiring manager who is already interested in your profile but want to establish the fact that you are going to be a great addition to the team so you want to be able to give them sufficient reasons to agree that you are amazing.”
Brorhie Muoboghare, Global Learning Experience Lead

“Storyboard 3 to 4 stories that demonstrate skills required for the position: your role, your actions, overall results and metrics as a result.”
Raymond L. Juarez, Global Q2C Practice Leader

“Talk to yourself in front of a mirror and check your expressions and clarity.”
Fabrizio Lascaris, Project Manager

3. Be ready with your questions.

“Be prepared to ask questions. Thoughtful and insightful questions demonstrate that you are interested in the role, that you are giving serious consideration to your potential fit, and that you have done your research. Don’t shy away from asking tough questions! IBMers appreciate deep and meaningful engagement.”
Bradley Holt, Program Director, Qiskit Developer Advocacy, IBM Q

“IBM is all about ‘Think, Prepare, Rehearse’. Try to know as much as you can about the position you’re applying for. Prepare questions in advance and be prepared for possible questions to come. Rehearse in front of the mirror things you need to say. But also have fun! We’re not looking for robot-people!”
Thayna Bustamante de Oliveira, Business Analyst

“It’s a bad idea to go for an interview without thinking about questions you would like to get answered. Think about your personal goals and professional development in relation to the job. Research the work environment and the organization. Bottom line, do your homework and make sure you clear up any uncertainties.”
Brorhie Muoboghare, Global Learning Experience Lead

4. Be yourself.

“The interview is the most crucial part for both the recruiter and applicant. This might be your chance to get the job or to lose it. Things to remember: Be confident and showcase who you are. Just be who you are. Be genuine in your answers.”
Shela Buena, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

“Just be yourself. DO NOT fake anything. We, as interviewers, are experienced enough to know the difference. If you do not know the answer, it’s okay.”
Vibhav Raman, Delivery Operations Manager

“Relax. Make sure you know things about the company. Be honest. Dress the part you are interviewing for. Be excited about the opportunity. I sure was excited when I went for my interview with IBM, and I still am!”
Yolanda Hernandez, Systems & Network Administrator