The pragmatic return to the workplace: how EY expects the unexpected

Discover how a 10-year quest to focus on a flexible workplace lets EY handle disruptions today

By | 1 minute read | July 10, 2020

Part of the TRIRIGA Academy: How EY prepares for, and manages through, disruption

Ten years ago, Ernst & Young (EY), took an in-depth look at their workplace. As one of the largest professional services firms in the world, EY realized that how and where people were working was changing.

They began by asking, “how do we make this easy, efficient and innovative for our users?” They also put an emphasis on technology to make people more mobile. The result was EY@Work, and the transformation of more than 150 locations around the globe.

Then, when faced with the pandemic, EY realized that this more flexible approach would help them navigate the unchartered waters of a global disruption.

As Sandra Corkern, Workplace Management Leader at EY says, “You do have to expect the unexpected when you’re working in corporate America.”

Join her session, How EY prepares for, and manages through, disruption, to hear how their firm positioned themselves to effectively manage change, while still delivering on the high expectations of today’s workforce.

Part of the TRIRIGA Academy: How EY prepares for, and manages through, disruption

Attend TRIRIGA Academy for pragmatical advice you can use today to manage your facilities.

Sandra will take you through the strategy behind their approach. She’ll also show you how she were able to repurpose the tools EY has to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. You’ll find practical examples, too, including how you can create new socially distanced floorplans by adding just two fields.

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