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Readily Encrypt, De-Identify and Mask Sensitive Data with Zero Code Changes

3 min read - Introducing IBM Cloud Data Security Broker. The global average cost of a data breach in 2022 was USD 9.44 million, not to mention the reputational impact that these breaches could cause. To protect consumers’ privacy, regulatory requirements around the world are significantly evolving around data security (e.g., Schrems II in Europe, State-level Privacy Acts in the US). Given such a risk and compliance landscape, sensitive data protection has become a business imperative for organizations looking to modernize their applications to…

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The importance of governance: What we’re learning from AI advances in 2022

3 min read - Over the last week, millions of people around the world have interacted with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which represents a significant advance for generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the foundation models that underpin many of these use cases. It’s a fitting way to end what has been another big year for the industry. We’re at an exciting inflection point for AI. Adoption of AI among businesses is increasing, and research and AI development on foundation models is enabling use cases like generative…

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A catalyst for security transformation: Modern security for hybrid cloud

4 min read - Today it takes an average of 252 days for an organization to identify and contain a breach across hybrid cloud environments, while ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds. This proves that traditional security can no longer keep up with our modern world. As most big businesses move to be multicloud, SaaS-heavy hybrid cloud users, enterprises must raise cyber awareness to protect a dramatically expanded security attack surface. Security is no longer an afterthought and must be embedded in everything we…

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Understanding the current state of cloud transformation

4 min read - To unlock transformational business performance, enterprises must be able to employ applications and data at scale across the enterprise IT landscape. Mastering hybrid cloud enables these capabilities with speed and security. The IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud helps establish an advanced view into the state of cloud transformation year after year. This informs technology investment for global businesses and allows organizations to benchmark their progress. The development of this index is detailed in a new report from the IBM…

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