Change one thing: The IoT meets New Year’s resolutions. Part 4: Stop procrastinating

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What’s that? Part four of our New Year’s resolution series is due today? Yeah I know. Uh huh. Yup, I’m writing it now. Ooh ‘First Dates’ is on – maybe 20 minutes of that will help me relax so that I can focus better later on. I’ll get to work in a moment…

Sound familiar? Whether it’s because you’re a perfectionist and would rather not attempt a task until you know you’ll accomplish it flawlessly, or you just don’t fancy getting to work right now, many of us are guilty of procrastinating in one form or another. Here are some handy apps to crack the proverbial whip. Go download them, then get to work. Go on. Off you go.

The goal: I want to stop procrastinating

  • Forest app: The forest app helps you stay away from mindless phone checking and concentrate on your work instead. Start by planting a seed, which will eventually develop into a tree, which grows taller the longer you leave your phone alone. If you exit the app to answer Facebook’s siren call or respond to a text, your tree will wither and die. And that would be sad.
  • Written? Kitten! Another positive reinforcer, Written? Kitten! rewards you with a cute kitten pic when you reach a particular goal.
  • Productivity Owl: This little spy watches every web page you visit. You can choose the amount of time you need on a page to find the information you want, and when the time’s up, the owl will flutter to the top of the screen and close the tab. You can block certain keywords if you know that particular sites draw your attention too often.
  • SelfControl: Even tougher a disciplinarian than Productivity Owl, SelfControl is an app for Mac that lets you decide which addictive websites you want to block. You set a timer, during which these particular sites are blacklisted. When the time’s up, you can reward yourself with a brief session on the previously blocked sites. There’s no getting around the timer, however. Restarting your computer or deleting the application won’t work. You just have to stick it out.

Up next in the series

The fifth and final instalment of our little New Year’s series deals with the big bad buck. Yes, it’s time to take control of your finances. Lucky you! In the meantime, check out the rest of the series:

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