New IoT capabilities: IBM and partners Nokia, Seebo and Vodafone

By | 1 minute read | February 16, 2017

IBM Munich HQ

IBM and its partners are launching new innovations to help clients tap into the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, at the Genius of Things Summit, Munich, they announced the following new relationships utilising the Watson IoT Platform:


IBM and Nokia are bringing together their respective IoT Platforms: Nokia Intelligent Management Platform for all Connected Things (IMPACT) and the IBM Watson IoT Platform. Together they will help deliver transformative insights from IoT data on connected devices to clients in healthcare, smart cities and enterprise services. The integration builds upon work the two companies have already done together, integrating IBM Watson with Nokia wearables for home care.


Seebo, the development company for smart products, is combining its IoT development capabilities with the IBM Watson IoT Platform, to help manufacturers accelerate smart product delivery and gain actionable insights from user data.

Seebo provides innovative hardware simulator and testing apps for reducing development costs. Manufacturers can tap into visual recognition and advanced analytics APIs to build smart products efficiently.


IBM and Vodafone are creating a Mobile Asset Optimization solution to make smarter, data-driven logistics decisions easy and scalable.

Vodafone provides hardware that captures location data from assets like specialized containers, racks or trailers that are involved in the supply chain. The data is transferred in real time to the IBM Watson IoT Platform on IBM Cloud for tracking, analysis, notifications, and reporting. Clients can use this solution to foresee weather impacts on the supply chain, better react to operational risks, and predict asset availability.

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