Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich: A hive for innovation

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I’m so psyched: today we are officially opening IBM’s worldwide Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich. The place has been buzzing for weeks now as we prepare for this; it really reminds me of a beehive. It’s full of energy and innovation, swarming with IBMers, clients and partners from all over the world. We have software engineers, programmers, architects, designers, cognitive scientists, researchers. It’s so amazing to see everyone pulling together for one purpose: to make this the center of the universe for cognitive IoT.

Pulling together: corporate partners, start-ups and students

As we grow here, we’re also making deep roots locally. We have corporate partners like BMW or start-up accelerators like UnternehmerTUM, as well as with students and researchers from the Technical University here in Munich.

My job here is particularly fun: my team and I are making an IoT showcase out of the Center. We are using the Watson IoT Platform to make this building come alive. We are already collecting hundreds of data streams from our building which help us understand the building and understand people who work here – we’re doing it so we can make them feel at home, be more productive, and have more fun at work.

Fabrication Laboratory: my favourite haunt

One of my favorite places in the Watson IoT Center is our state of the art FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory). We have tools and electronic gear, laser cutters, 3D printers…enough to make just about anything. It’s amazing to see what’s already come out of it. What’s even more exciting, is what’s going in to the FabLab: we are inviting IBMers from across the world through our Residency Program, they have been helping us make the place shine. This is allowing us to go from post-its to prototypes faster than you can say “Gleichrichterschaltkreisskizze”! Which I think means “AC rectifier circuit board sketches”…

I’m so proud to be part of this team and so excited to help create the future of IoT.

Please come and visit us!
Bis dann!

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Akhilesh Heda

Great to hear this .. For sure this is going to be a big shift and a technology which going to impact the entire world soon…. wish would get oppoprtunities to work in this technology


Mike Blake

Is there a Virtual Tour available or a list of the demos/facilities in Munich ? (I am an IBMer at Hursley Lab). I’d like to compare and contrast with what we show clients in the Hursley IOT Demo Lab.


john coh

here’s a quick ‘mannequin challenge’ view of our 27th floor. You can see me soldering in the fablab ! (thanks to my friend Ryan Boyles for making the vid )

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