IoT and the World Cycling Track Championships

By | 2 minute read | April 6, 2017

This year sees the UCI World Track Championships held in Hong Kong from April 12th-16th. Last year, IBM collaborated with Team USA to give the Women’s Team Pursuit a competitive edge by using real-time data to improve their technique on the track. As this partnership continues, cyclists learn to improve as they ride, using innovative technology to change the relationship between the rider and their bike.

The Team Pursuit sees riders work as group, drifting behind one another to reduce energy exertion, and maximize results, so there are many ways Watson Internet of Things can heighten efficiency and reduce time wasted.

IBM jStart

With the aim to outperform their rivals, U.S. Women’s Team Pursuit team continues to work with IBM jStart to resolve its analytics challenge by obtaining instant, eye-opening data delivered to coaches’ tablets using the Internet of Things. To create the most fair and reliable readings, the data presented automatically links to lap time and external factors that may affect performance, e.g. environmental factors like wind speed and humidity, allowing coaches to offer better direction on performance.

Improve tactics using real-time data

New analysis capabilities using combined IoT devices give coaches and cyclists a clear picture of rider fitness and progression, team sequencing and tactics during training sessions.

Using wearable devices to collect and display riders’ data helps the riders to understand both their own ride, and their teammates’. This allows each individual to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team, giving them a better understanding of their role on the team. For example, wearable devices can detect where each athlete exert most energy – this knowledge allows riders to sharpen tactics and strengthen winning behaviors.

One year on

Just two weeks after IBM and Team USA joined forces last year, they took gold for the Women’s Team Pursuit – earning their first World Championship title in the event. After, they took silver at the Rio Olympics and next week they will be looking to defend their Championship title in Hong Kong with races starting on the 12th April. This is an exciting time for the team and IBM IoT, to see how this technology has helped them alter and improve their training across the last year to remain on top of the podium.

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