The results are in: IBM TRIRIGA is a Leader in new independent research

Better decision making and occupant wellbeing are just two priorities for today's IWMS users

By | 2 minute read | April 15, 2019

If you’re charged with choosing the right technology solution for your real estate and facility management portfolio, I invite you to download the Green Quadrant Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2019 from Verdantix. And let me jump straight to the spoiler: TRIRIGA is a Leader!

What Verdantix discovered about our solution in 2019

For this year’s report, Verdantix talked to our customers, our IBM experts and a panel of 15 real estate software solutions buyers. Based on this detailed input, the research firm uncovered that we excel at many of the core functionalities required by the industry. Especially for large building occupiers or those with complex needs, we are a leading choice for enterprises that want a configurable platform. For example, they pointed to the fact that, “Airbus is currently using TRIRIGA to manage maintenance, facilities supplier, space chargeback and assets across a global portfolio of 700 buildings.”

IWMS priorities: to improve better real estate decision making and occupant wellbeing

As Verdantix notes, the benefits of using an IWMS are many. Two key reasons: reducing complexity and providing users with a consistent interface throughout the process. Their buyers have clear priorities, too. Unsurprisingly, cost management/control is at the top of their list.

Fortunately, with TRIRIGA Building Insights, an enterprise can use the power of IoT and AI to realize real energy savings, a focal point for cost management programs, according to the report. Our customer, Indian retailer Future Group, focuses on energy savings as a key initiative. The company has already made great progress in its quest to reduce its carbon footprint. But it wasn’t enough – they needed a partner like IBM TRIRIGA to further drive down energy utilization by learning to predict how much energy will be used in the next 48 hours.

Another priority included in the report? Building occupant wellbeing. Ninety-two percent of the Verdantix respondents rate improving the experience of building occupants as a high or medium priority. That means that a great workplace experience is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a must. Our own research validates this, too. A worldwide talent shortage, coupled with a new generation of workers – and their expectation for frictionless technology – puts pressure on today’s building owners to deliver a competitive difference with their space. As Verdantix highlighted, IBM offers a voice technology for the workplace, designed to let users simply ask for what they need, like workplace locations and service requests.

Download your complimentary report

As Verdantix found, today’s real estate and facility management professionals “want to use a platform from a single vendor to consolidate all their data and manage most of their real estate needs.” Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll find with IBM TRIRIGA. Download the report today, and learn why we are a Leader!