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E&U companies can now create CUE’s on WIP

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Compatible unit estimating (CUE) is a fundamental component in a utility transmission and distribution work management process. Companies use compatible unit estimates to calculate the cost of work, determine the labor hours and the bill of materials needed to perform an specific or a work package. Using this information, a work order can then be created based on the details of the estimate information.

Create CUE’s whilst work is being done

We’re pleased to announce some enhancements to help energy & utilities clients better manage this process.  On October 28th, IBM released Maximo for Utilities 7.6.0.  This release allows for new CUEs while work is being done.  Technicians can now modify compatible units while a work order is in progress to reflect changes that occur out in the field.  Maximo for Utilities 7.6.0 has streamlined and improved this process making it more efficient and timely.

A new map-based user interface

Included in Maximo for Utilities is our Spatial solution that supports a map-based user interface built on ESRI ArcGIS technology.  Maximo Spatial Asset Management and Maximo Linear Asset Manager 7.6.0 are now integrated.  When both solutions are installed in a Maximo environment, users now have the ability to view all asset types, whether it be a point asset or a linear asset on a map.  This increases the visibility and context of the asset bringing location awareness into your decision making.

Recorded webinar provides all the details

Maximo for Utilities has always supported work and asset management for transmission and distribution in water, gas and electric utilities. In this latest version, the solution provides a foundation for compatible unit estimates during the initiation, planning, scheduling, execution, and close of construction work in a transmission and distribution environment.  To learn more, listen to our recorded webinar on the CUE work process. It will provide all the details on the update.

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