The future of coming home to your car

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Imagine tapping your phone screen, and being greeted moments later by your car. It’s heated to the correct temperature based on how cold it is outside. Your seat is in your preferred position. Based on your mood your vehicle senses what music you’d like to listen to, and what smells and scents suit best. Your car chooses the best route, bearing in mind weather and traffic – and you’re off.

Safety first

“Hello, good to see you again. Just to let you know the brake sensors are telling me that the right is wearing faster than the left. It’s OK for now, but would you like me to schedule a quick check up? I see from your calendar that Monday at 10am is free.

“Yes, thanks.”

A car that cares

The possibilities and connections mean your car has knowledge to help and care. It can see from your smart fridge that you’re low on eggs and milk, “shall we go home via the store?” It can also see that your prescription is ready for collection, “would you like to go via the pharmacy?”

When you arrive at the drive-thru pharmacy window your vehicle, connected to both your bank and store seamlessly pays for your products (it makes contactless seem old hat).

Devices that carry us

The average American spends about 46 minutes a day in their car. Trapped, thinking about all the things we need to get done, but not being able to achieve any of them. We can’t use our phones, so we are, for those 46 minutes, disconnected.

Now, thanks to automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the IoT, we can get our time back. The auto industry is moving past making cars and creating a world where the devices we carry become the devices that carry us.

A connected car allows your daily routines to become frictionless, the car is simply an extension of you. All possible when you consider it connecting to a world covered in sensors.

Learn more

Our latest automotive paper has lots more information on connected cars, including the auto industry’s first cognitive mobility platform: OnStar Go. The platform will deliver personalised content so that drivers can interact with their favorite brands on the go.

You might also be interested in our webinar “A New Relationship: People and Cars“, discussing how the automotive industry is changing the vehicle / driver relationship.

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