By Maggie Mae Armstrong on February 19, 2020

Industry deep dives at IoT Exchange

Industry Day at IoT Exchange 2020 features tailored activities across three industry workgroups. Clients who are under the IBM Feedback Program Agreement (FPA) can meet with IBM leaders to share best practices and experiences, and to help shape the future of IBM industry solutions.

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By Bruce D Baron on February 10, 2020

Extract every bit of value from your physical assets with maintenance delivered by the Technician of the Future

When you attend the Maximo Academy at IoT Exchange, you’ll experience firsthand how IBM Maximo — the global leader in enterprise asset management — is tackling these monumental changes for employees and their organizations. See how artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics are used to allow technicians to perform maintenance only when and where it’s needed.

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By Maggie Mae Armstrong on February 10, 2020

Are you using intelligence to scale your engineering operations?

At the Engineering Academy at IoT Exchange, you’ll get an all-access pass to in-depth sessions, inspirational keynotes, hands-on labs, and demos to learn from industry experts and practitioners who are solving the same engineering challenges you’re facing.

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By Laura Langendorf on February 10, 2020

How you can use walls to expand horizons

While 90% of firms recognize space efficiency as a high or medium cost savings opportunity, GRE is successfully using its team and technology to find that value. If you’re interested in hearing their story, you’ll have the perfect opportunity at the TRIRIGA Academy at IoT Exchange.

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By Susan Clarke on January 29, 2020

How To Create A Competitive Edge Through The Workplace

This blog shares three impactful actions for real estate executives to launch in 2020 and beyond, drawing on the latest Verdantix insights, industry research and real-life case studies.

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By Kendra DeKeyrel on January 28, 2020

The next evolution in space: use data and AI to make your facilities even smarter

Why is there so much emphasis space? Simply put, space is expensive, and often, it’s the second highest cost to the organization. Yet talent is an even greater cost, and the competition for skilled workers is getting more intense. A great workplace experience is one way to win and retain employees, and puts pressure on companies to create the most cost-effective, yet engaging spaces possible.

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By Andrea Martin on January 23, 2020

Increase your business success with a personalized digital reinvention journey

Our experts at the IBM Watson IoT Center understand this challenge. So they’ve developed a special opportunity for those who want to understand digital innovation. They’ve created a customizable, intensive journeys that inspires visionary thinkers to plan and then launch a better future for their organizations. This personalized immersion journey is now available to you at the IBM Watson IoT Center in Munich.

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By Scott Yates on January 21, 2020

Adoption of BIM and Maximo: Bridging the asset data gap between build and operate

One Midwest-based airport was in the unique position of staring down an almost complete renewal of their entire site, including terminals, parking lots and support buildings. That prospect, coupled with the known gap I’ve just mentioned, would be enough to keep any Facilities Director up at night.

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By Christopher Daerr on January 20, 2020

The Beauty and the Beast: Insightful engineering at enterprise scale

Join us at REConf in Munich, March 23-25 to engage with our domain, tools and services experts.

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By Mark Kovich on January 7, 2020

Get 2020 off to a smart start with new insights from IoT experts

Each Engineering Academy Comes to You event focuses on specific aspects of transformational engineering. You’ll learn to apply insights from AI and IoT data at various stages of the engineering lifecycle—across dispersed teams and geographies. Ultimately, the knowledge you acquire will equip you to produce sophisticated products at greater speed, lower cost, and higher quality.

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By Michael Halder on December 13, 2019

IBM streamlines adherence to industry compliance in new automotive offering. Available now.

The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Automotive Compliance solution introduces pre-defined assets for compliance and ASPICE. The comprehensive automotive systems and software engineering solution includes project dashboards, agile process guidance and detailed reports. It helps remove the burden from engineering compliance teams to integrate ASPICE compliance within regular engineering work.

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By Sarah Dudley and Graeme Noseworthy on December 11, 2019

Is Christmas spirit still the North Pole’s greatest asset?

Read how the North Pole relies on insights from data, IoT, AI and Christmas spirit to ensure that every child on Earth has a holiday to remember.

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