By Laura Langendorf and others on April 25, 2019

The Daily Exchange: Day 2 at IoT Exchange

Welcome to Day 2 of the IBM IoT Exchange. Another day in which our four academies delivered valuable insights, great main stage presentations and demos that brought technology to life. And if you missed yesterday’s recap, you can read it here. Just like yesterday, we wanted to share some of the day’s highlights: Day 2 Keynote: […]

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By Sarah Dudley and others on April 24, 2019

The Daily Exchange: Day 1 at IoT Exchange

Welcome to Day 1 of the IBM® IoT Exchange. With four academies, main stage presentations and a robust solutions showcase, it was an information-packed day, with IoT thought leaders and experts, and IBM customers, IBM Business Partners and staff. Did we mention we had a backyard party, too? More on that later. If you’re here with […]

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By Stephen Russo and Bruce D Baron on April 24, 2019

Do you know the price of poor infrastructure?

Over the last 20 years, huge investments have been made in metropolitan areas to understand the immense volume of data collected about the citizens inhabiting these cities. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent combining data with emerging mobile, sensor and machine learning technologies. This is all done with the goal to improve infrastructure […]

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By Rebecca Sendel on April 23, 2019

Turn turbulent airport operations into high flying results with IoT solutions

Attend this Maximo Academy session at IoT Exchange, Thursday, 25 April at 2:15 PM and learn how Arrow helped one airport improve operations using IoT and AI

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By Kendra DeKeyrel on April 15, 2019

The results are in: IBM TRIRIGA is a Leader in new independent research

If you’re charged with choosing the right technology solution for your real estate and facility management portfolio, I invite you to download the Green Quadrant Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2019 from Verdantix. And let me jump straight to the spoiler: TRIRIGA is a Leader!

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By Dan Yarmoluk and Craig Truempi on April 15, 2019

Why move from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance? – Part 2

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog in which I discussed the history of condition monitoring and the differences between condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. You’ll recall that we left off introducing the next evolution of maintenance: condition monitoring 4.0. The most current advancements in predictive maintenance require automation of the analysis process using AI models. […]

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By Russell Bee on April 12, 2019

How to reduce injuries on the job with IoT data and analytics

Did you know that 178 work-related accidents happen every 15 seconds? It’s a staggering number with potentially devastating effects on employees in asset-intensive industries. Businesses pay a high price for accidents, too. In the United States, estimated annual costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses total USD $170 billion. Despite extensive regulation and strong commitment to […]

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By Michael Halder on April 11, 2019

Accelerating Automotive Industry Compliance

Imagine what it would be like to have an automotive engineering solution that combines the expertise of leading OEMs and suppliers in one step. Ensuring compliance with existing industry standards would become a by-product of best practices instead of a dedicated task. This vision is becoming a reality with the help of IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle […]

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By Joe Berti on April 11, 2019

Ready to make the competition nervous? Use AI and IoT with your physical assets.

People in charge of managing the performance of physical assets in industries such as energy and utilities, mining and real estate are now reducing overall maintenance costs by 5-10 percent.1 They’re also increasing equipment uptime and availability by 10-20 percent.2 If results like these don’t make their competitors nervous, I don’t know what will. These […]

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By Michael Rowe on April 11, 2019

IoT Slam 2019 Recap: Regulatory reality check with IoT & Blockchain

Thousands tuned into this week’s IoT Slam 2019 event featuring an impressive lineup of speakers from the major players in the Internet of Things (IoT) community – including IBM. Put on by the IoT Community®, the IoT Slam is a great opportunity to dig into the latest applications of IoT in the enterprise. I was particularly excited […]

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By Mark Swinson on April 10, 2019

All the IoT Platform expertise you can imagine in one place, at one time

IoT Exchange: Platform As you continue to unlock the most value from your IoT data, choosing the right platform is an obvious key to your long-term success. In my last blog, I discussed the five key reasons you should attend the Platform Academy at the IBM IoT Exchange. Now, I’d like to offer you a […]

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By Alana Carmel and others on April 8, 2019

Eyes in the Sky: Drone Inspection for Smarter Operations in Government

Thirteen years ago, drones began solving problems in industries from construction to film. Today, drones are quickly becoming a ubiquitous luxury in the consumer electronics landscape, and sure enough, government agencies aren’t far behind in applying drones to the needs of government at the Federal and State level.

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