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SEA Plans More Resilient IT Infrastructure

Airports are continuing to transform, preparing for an estimated double in travelers by 2035. SEA, a leading Italian airports operator, has announced a seven-year service agreement that consolidates and manages IT infrastructure on a hybrid IT environment that integrates the IBM Cloud. The decision reflects airport operators’ need to be more agile and responsive by better […]

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Will Conditions Turn More Favorable and Allow Airlines to Soar?

Global economic conditions, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, extensive government fees and taxes, environmental regulations, jet fuel prices, fixed asset utilization, intense competition, weather disruptions, mechanical difficulties, IT infrastructure obsolescence, security. These are some of the challenges faced by the adventurous and lionhearted airline industry participants. Those daring to venture into this energetic and ultra-important industry […]

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Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025

Railways can drive growth and create a more responsive and agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data both inside and outside of railway enterprises

Beijing: International hub in the making?

Sitting at a terminal gate in the Beijing Capital airport last week was to me, like meeting a rock star: the second largest airport terminal in the world, the busiest Asian airport, and the second busiest in the world. While that is hugely impressive, Beijing still falls short of being an international hub: most of […]

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A peek into future of Airports and role of CIO

We keep talking about airports of the future and everyone has a different interpretation of it. While the interpretation may vary, I believe that it centers around 3 themes. The questions that airports need to answer over digitization of their airport around these themes will probably provide them with most of their answers. 1. Processing […]

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Who let the passengers out?

I was traveling to Canada from Mumbai last week and saw a surprising change. When I checked the flight options, after nearly 7 years, European airport were listed as transit points and I got more flight options. I was quite surprised that has quietly Europe lifted the stringent law that requires visa for transiting through […]

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Dubai’s exclusive A380 terminal, and the travails of airlines/industry @ mega airports

  In early January 2013, perhaps the world’s first ever airport terminal created to cater exclusively to one aircraft type, was rolled into service: Dubai’s dedicated A380 facility named ‘Concourse 3′ opened to commercial operations. The new facility...

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Who do we serve?

Consider a scenario: You walk into an airport, checkin your bags, collect your boarding pass and then head to duty free or perhaps for a quick bite. Suddenly your phone beeps with an SMS that gives you a discount coupon to use at KFC for their signature...

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