Industry 4.0 and Risk – Part 2

Last week, I described the interconnected world of Industry 4.0 and the risks it presents: cyber risks, business interruption risks, reputation risks, macro environment risks and skill/talent risks. What are companies already doing to mitigate these risks, and where and how do insurers come in? Point solutions in risk mitigation Just as the mentioned risks […]

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Industry 4.0 and Risk – Part 1

We live in an age of unprecedented interconnectedness. As consumers, we are seeing and benefiting from this every day, whether it is gathering information on the most esoteric of topics, online shopping at one o’clock in the morning, or communicating instantly with friends or colleagues all over the world. But interconnectness is also changing the […]

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Random Thoughts: Data Sharing

New study, new data, so I thought I’d revisit a topic I explored before, about the willingness of consumers to share data to improve either their premium paid, their convenience, or their risk/safety. In general, the willingness has increased: All questions show a slight uptick except for the for the first house sensor one – […]

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