Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer, Chobani

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Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer at Chobani, talks to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about creatively building a brand in the highly commodified food industry.

0:00 Leland’s role at Chobani: Defining the role of a modern food company
3:53 Key components of rethinking a food company
7:08 Creativity in product development
9:21 The corporate character of Chobani: “the shepherd’s gift” and a mission-driven brand
14:01 Chief Creative Officers as a growing business trend for top-line growth
17:33 Building a shared framework (through agile development) to turn everyone in an organization into creative participants
24:23 Focusing on the consumer journey to stand out in a commodified market
28:12 Replacing the “make brands more human” paradigm with a phenomenological approach

Lightning Round
36:27 Favorite social platform: Instagram
36:48 What was it like to be on a list with Karlie Kloss?
37:30 Brand you most respect and why: Patagonia
37:57 Creative idea you wish you’d had: Kickstarter
56:24 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

Audience questions
38:43 In an age of social sharing, where is the balance between authentic living and promoting yourself?
42:22 How do you support people during change, and how do you create a risk-welcoming culture?
46:43 How do you build a customer relationship across wholesale distribution?
49:32 In ten years, how do you see Chobani being different, culturally and structurally?
52:34 How do you balance creativity and intuition with data analytics?

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