Stacy Perman

Fusion of tradition and future: Jean-Claude Biver on digital marketing and luxury brands

Within the highly traditional, risk-averse luxury Swiss watch industry, Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH’s Watch Division, has always been something of a maverick. In 1982, with the mechanical watch industry on its deathbed, he bought and revived the 282-year-old Blancpain. In 2004 he transformed Hublot from a small brand into a major global name, emphasizing “the […]

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Katrine Bosley, CEO Editas Medicine, on curing the uncurable with genome editing

The budding field of genome editing holds dizzying possibilities for medical research, and could even unlock cures for previously untreatable genetic diseases. One firm at the forefront, Editas Medicine, plans to turn cutting-edge science into medical reality. Founded by scientists from MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University, Editas is […]

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More than just text-to-speech: Trint cracks open audio content for search

Trint CEO and co-founder Jeff Kofman worked with a team of developers to build the cloud-based transcription platform because, as he says, “I’ve lived the problem.” As a 30-year broadcast journalist and war correspondent (ABC, CBS, CBC), Kofman estimates that he’s manually transcribed thousands of hours of interviews. “I understood that there are a lot […]

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