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Towards cognitive wellness of healthcare

Human mind is a wonderful system. It is fascinating to watch how it evolves from an innocent baby brain to an expert mind over years. It is interesting to see how it can dwell into twilight zone of confusion and ambiguity, yet strike the right balance in taking an effective decision. It is amazing to […]

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A cognitive opportunity for healthcare?

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous upheaval as a result of pressures from economic, societal and industry influences. Additionally, the digital age is producing a mass of healthcare data and traditional analytic methods are quite simply unable to exploit its full value. Finding a solution that can bridge the gap between the data quantity and […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Healthcare

Transform your organization’s value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data - across populations and at the level of the individual - for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions.

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Innovating in the age of ecosystems

Persistent disruptive forces in life sciences are threatening traditional business models over the medium to long term. New technologies are driving radical disruption, value chains are fragmenting and industries are converging. While high rates of return and strong performance may have masked these forces in the past, today they need to be recognized and addressed […]

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Join the Conversation on ‘Population Health Management’: #futurecare Tweet Chat

Organizations and individuals around the globe are taking fast-paced steps to transform the way healthcare is provided. With technology such as analytics, mobile and cloud making positive in-roads into the healthcare business, it is prudent to implement these to improve quality of care, reduce costs, engage patients and standardize care process. So what does ‘Population […]

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A C-Suite Perspective on Increasing the Velocity of Successful Transformation for the Pharmaceutical Industry: An interview with Dr. Linda A. Hill, Professor at the Harvard Business School

Preface: As the pharmaceutical industry continues to make progress at transformation, what ground-breaking strategies could help accelerate its success? With Apple Computer’s recent attainment as the top ranked Fortune Most Admired Company* for an unprecedented eight consecutive years as an inspirational guidepost, this Q&A with Dr. Linda A. Hill explains how the industry could potentially […]

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Triple Aim Mandate: Tele-health, Tele-monitoring

You won’t find it explicitly outlined as a requirement for Medicare certification, but it is a strong undercurrent to achieving Triple Aim. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the US Census Bureau, population growth for individuals over the age of 65 is currently increasing at a rate of ~3% a year […]

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Join IBM Healthcare at Health Summit and WoHIT!

eHealth Week 2015 begins on Monday! IBM is proud to be once again sponsoring such an influential gathering of decision makers focusing on the health of Europe’s citizens. eHealth has been designated one of six “lead markets” for innovation. For this year’s activities in Riga, Latvia, IBM will do our part to shape the use, […]

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IBM Healthcare: enabling transformation

This are exciting times for the healthcare industry! From the exponential growth in data, to the tremendous opportunity that cloud, mobile and social technologies create, the rate of change in this industry is impacting all organizations – from the doctor’s office to the largest health systems. Data is fast becoming the world’s most valuable new […]

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Revisiting the wisdom of the cloud for life sciences

Current industry challenges along with disruptions from forces such as the mobile revolution; hyper-digitization and the social media explosion are creating a need for even greater innovation and agility in the life sciences industry. How can new technologies such as cloud play a fundamental role in helping the life sciences industry to become more collaborative, […]

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A C-Suite Perspective on the Top 3 Turn-Around Moves that Pharma Executives Should Consider for 2015: An interview with Wayne Yetter, Board Member of Special Diversified Opportunities Inc., InfuSystem, Inc. and MTG Biotherapeutics

Preface: Will pharma ever reclaim the success that it once had nearly 25 years ago? Consider Merck in 1990. After overtaking IBM as Fortune’s overall “Most Admired Company” for four years in a row, Merck’s reputation helped to secure an application to acceptance ratio for its sales rep positions of 70:1, compared to Harvard Business […]

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Watson – From Jeopardy to Healthcare

Recently I was invited to present at the 2014 Health Informatics New Zealand event where I discussed an ever pervasive challenge in our industry – how to harness the vast amounts of information that exists, how do this in a timely and clinically useful manner whilst doing all this at an individual patient level.   […]

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Healthcare in the Cloud

The changing face of the healthcare industry has been well documented with pressure on all sides from an aging population; escalating incidence of chronic disease as well as an expectation of better quality, value and outcomes. To complicate things further, regulations and compliance requirements are getting tighter and there is a global shortage of individuals […]

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