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Nurture Candidate Relationships Through Lead Manager Automation

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One of the most efficient ways you can nurture relationships with talent is by using the automation capabilities of a candidate relationship management (CRM) tool.

IBM Kenexa® Lead Manager, a marketing and relationship-building CRM that integrates with the IBM Kenexa BrassRing applicant tracking system, offers a number of automation settings, such as automatically creating a campaign or a lead, or updating a lead status.

Lead Manager also leverages Watson Campaign Automation, a market-leading marketing automation tool that you can use through Lead Manager to plan and execute targeted recruiting campaigns.


Intentional interactions

You can configure Watson Campaign Automation to trigger personalized emails to candidates based on dates, a campaign timeline, events or even on how the candidate interacts with your previous communications. The branding capabilities in the tool enable you to display your logos, slogans or any other brand-supporting items in your emails, landing pages and talent communities.

Imagine the impact your recruiters can have on a pool of college students and interns. They can stay in regular contact with these potential employees by scheduling automated emails that inform them about company news, recruiting events, community outreach, job openings and benefits. With minimal effort from your recruiting team, you can efficiently reinforce your employer brand and keep your company in front of this talent pool as they begin their careers.

There’s no limit to the number of campaigns you can run through Watson Campaign Automation or the number of resumes you can store in Lead Manager. You can easily segment your leads into various talent pools and create targeted communications to the different groups.

Based on the outcome of candidate interactions and hiring manager interest, Lead Manager can automatically push leads into BrassRing. Recruiters also can push “silver medalists” into Lead Manager when a job is filled, ensuring you can maintain and nurture relationships with top candidates.


Marketing your employer brand

Using Watson Campaign Automation with Lead Manager—as well as all the other automated features of the CRM—helps you to market your employer brand to talent leads, similarly to how you would market your consumer brand to consumers. By leveraging a market-leading marketing automation platform, you’re able to keep your pool of qualified leads engaged without taxing your recruiting team. The regular communications also are a welcome personal touch to candidates who’ve already expressed their interest in your organization.

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